Install a heat pump now and reduce the risk of winter flu

Winter is well and truly on the way, and we all know what that means – colds and winter flu season! Coughs, aches and a runny nose are synonymous with winter, but you can increase your chances of avoiding illness this year by taking some simple precautions. How to can avoid catching a cold and…


Advantages of a heat pump over 3 traditional heaters

Family warm up hands over electric heater

With winter approaching fast, choosing which form of heating to have in your home can be tough. This decision can be a bit overwhelming so to break it down simply, here are three questions you can ask. Which type produces the most heat? How much does it cost to run? What is the initial investment…


The top 5 most common heat pump questions answered

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a wonderful example of modern technology; affordable, energy efficient and beneficial in many ways to everyone, and as the technology is relatively new, it’s natural for anyone considering purchasing a heat pump to ask questions. That’s why we’ve compiled five of the most common heat pump questions including how they work and how…


Change in season affects your mood and health more than you think

woman with an umbrella in the autumn park

Some people love walking in the rain – others despise it. Some prefer the beach, while others would rather be skiing. People are different, and everything we experience is subjective. Even the smallest things can mean a world of difference; like an extra spoonful of sugar in a coffee. Our reactions to the weather are…


Climate change solutions with industrial sized heat pumps

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It may sound outrageous, but industrial size heat pumps and new technology are successfully tackling climate change problems in Norway. Many people don’t realise that a heat pump doesn’t actually generate its own heat. Instead, the technology moves heat around, changing it from one form to another. This means that not only are heat pumps…


3 situations where a heat pump is essential

baby sleeping with kitten

Heat pumps are fast becoming New Zealand’s preferred method of home heating and cooling, but some still see a heat pump as a luxury item rather than an essential piece of equipment. Here are three situations where a heat pump is essential and how it will make a big difference to your life. Getting the…


An air conditioning unit creates a cool haven in the summer heat

family in new zealand

Just when you thought last summer was a scorcher, 2016-2017 is on track to being the hottest summer on record for New Zealand. The jandals will be out in full force and many of us will flock to our beautiful beaches, lakes and rivers to find some relief from the heat. But those perfect clear…


When is it time to buy a new heat pump?

designer_home_with_Mitsubishi Electric heat_pump

Many New Zealand homeowners have wisely invested in the amazing device that we know as a heat pump, which provides cosy warmth throughout the colder months. This wonder of modern technology is nothing short of miraculous when you think about it. A machine that sits quietly in your home keeping you cool in summer and…


Best heating options for home and workplace

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Looking for guidance on how to find the best heating options is the first consideration before investing in your family’s warmth and health. It’s a big decision and there are a number of important things to think about. A heat pump should be able to offer you year-round comfort in a cost-effective way. When outside…


How to save energy and make an energy efficient home

energy piggy banks

Most New Zealanders want to enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient home – this can be easily achieved if we all do our bit to help. With small improvements, we can lessen the cost of power bills, make our homes work more efficiently for us, and provide a warmer, healthier environment for our families.…