How efficient are heatpumps in terms of cost and energy?

Heating a home in winter can be expensive, which is why it is important to find heatpumps that are efficient both in cost and energy. Whatever the space you want to heat, whether it’s a small lounge, or a large open plan living area, there is a heat pump more than suited to the job. Once installed, an efficient heat pump will be able to save you both power and money.

They are incredibly efficient in terms of energy use, ultimately saving you money in power bills. The reason heat pumps are able to use much less energy that other heat sources, is because they do not in fact create heat. Rather the heat pump uses the available heat in the air and moves it from one place to another.

This minimal energy that they do use is to power the compressor. This process can be so efficient that the heat pump can put out four times as much heat energy, as the electrical energy used.

Look for the Energy Star® label

Some heat pumps are obviously more efficient than others and for this reason it is a good idea when choosing a heat pump to look for an energy rating, or the Energy Star® label. While buying a new heat pump may be more expensive than purchasing another source of home heating, over time your savings will be far more significant due to this energy efficiency.

Cheap, efficient and environmentally safe

The initial outlay may be more than say, a portable gas heater, but you are investing in cheaper heating overall, as well as a healthier way of heating.

In their Winter Survival Guide 2012, the Consumer Magazine stated “Heat pumps are one of the cheapest heating options to run once they’re installed”.

The government agency ‘Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) has also said that heat pumps are amongst the top heating forms available in terms of efficiency.

Another factor many take into consideration when choosing a heating source is the environment. Here, heatpumps come out on top again.

There is no burning of fuels or precious resources in creating heat with a heat pump. The only costs or resources required are small amounts of electricity, and in New Zealand we can be rest assured as most of our energy is renewable.

With this in mind buying a heat pump to heat your home is both an incredibly efficient and cost effective heat source, as well as being better environmental choice than other conventional heating sources.