What temperature should we run our heat pump at?

We are often asked “What temperature should we run our heat pump at?”

During the winter months as a general rule we advise you to run your heat pump between 20 and 22 degrees and there will be some times where you may want to run it all night. When this is the case you can drop the temperature back to around 16 to 18 degrees. You home will be warm and cosy in the morning and at this temperature the heat pump is extremely cost efficient.

General guidelines

In the summer time you could run your heat pump at 20 degrees and if you were to run it all night you could increase the temp to 22 degrees.

Summer time humidity can get even the most hardy person down so set you heat pump to the dry mode and enjoy the cooler drier temperatures.

The above is only a guideline for you to work. Different parts of the country vary in temperatures and some will be colder than others – you may wish to increase or decrease the temperature that works best for you and suite your location.

Turning your heatp pump off vs. leaving it on when away from your home

We are often asked “should we leave our heat pump on 24/7 because someone told us we would use less power this way.”

The best advice we can give you is to use your heat pump when you need to and if there is no one home then why leave it running as you are only using energy heating a empty house for nothing. You can set the heat pump controls to come on at a certain time so that you can arrive home to a cosy house. This is a much better option as you are not wasting energy and money!

While a heat pump will work a little harder from a cold or hot start it will not draw as much as if it were left to run 24/7.

Selecting size and quality is important

A good quality inverter heat pump correctly sized is still the most efficient way to heat and cool your home.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are renowned for their heating superiority.