Mitsubishi GL42 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump

GL 42 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump – Medium Room System

GL42 High Wall Mounted Heat PumpThe mid-range capacity of the GL 42 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump from Mitsubishi Electric makes it suitable for heating or cooling medium-sized rooms. With its seamless flat panel design and pure white finish means the GL 42 is a stylish and unobtrusive heating solution in any home.

The GL 42 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump series make it easy to adjust the temperature in the most extreme conditions. Even if the temperature outside has dropped below freezing, the GL 42 will quickly provide energy efficient high performance heating.

Specification: cooling capacity 4.2kW / heating capacity 5.4kW

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Reduced energy consumption for a sustainable environment

Energy efficiency is one of the many qualities of installing a heat pump. The reduced energy consumption contributes to a more sustainable environment and of course you get the savings on your power bill!

However, a reduction in energy consumption doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on performance.

The next generation EcoCore technology means that the GL 42 consumes less energy while still performing to the highest standard.

With features such as the R32 Refrigerant and low standby power, the GL 42 has been designed with the environmental sustainability in mind. The R32 Refrigerant gives the GL 42 zero ozone depletion potential while allowing an increase in energy efficiency. And the low standby power feature boasts a mere 1W standby power which is a 90% decrease in power consumption of previous models.

GL 42 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump

Available with Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control

Connect your High Wall Heat Pump to your smartphone, tablet or online account and control your unit while on the go with Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control.

No matter where you are, you can manage your heat pump with the touch of a button and arrive home to total comfort. Read more about Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control here.

Contact us now before the cold really sets in to find out how you can enjoy winter warmth with a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump.

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