GL 50 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump

GL 50 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump – Medium Room System

Mitsubishi Electric GL50 Heat Pump
With a mid-range capacity, the GL 50 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump is perfectly suited to medium sized rooms. The GL 50 offers fast and effective heating or cooling in the home or office space.

Although it has a higher capacity to perform, the GL 50 is just as sleek and stylish as its smaller counterparts.

Whatever the fan speed, the whisper-quiet technology of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps allows you to achieve perfect temperatures without any noise or disruption.

Specification: cooling capacity 4.8kW / heating capacity 5.8kW


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Anti-allergy Enzyme Filter to reduce airborne bacteria

Trap harmful particles such as dust and pollen before it enters the air within your home.

With a washable filter that works tirelessly to deliver only the cleanest air, the GL 50 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump significantly reduces the number of airborne allergens. Eliminating these allergens reduces the risk of a contracting a range of illnesses and gives you and your family a better chance of avoiding winter illness.

Particularly for asthma and eczema sufferers, clean air is invaluable.

Thanks to the artificial Enzyme Catalyst within the filter, any harmful bacteria is broken down and stopped in its tracks.

Breathe the cleanest air day in and day out with the GL 50 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump.

sleep easy with gl 50 high wall mounted heat pump

Available with Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control

Connect your High Wall Heat Pump to your smartphone, tablet or online account and control your unit while on the go with Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control.

No matter where you are, you can manage your heat pump with the touch of a button and arrive home to total comfort. Read more about Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control here.

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