GL71High Wall Mounted Heat Pump

GL 71 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump – Large Room System

GL 710 high wall mounted heat pump

The exceptional energy efficiency of the GL 71 High Wall Mounted Heat Pump make it an ideal model for large living rooms in the home.

Unbeatable in it whisper-quiet operation, the GL71 provides powerful heating and cooling abilities. The Long and Wide Airflow evenly distributes comfortable temperatures to every corner of the room.

The Energy Star Mark on each of Mistubishi Electric’s GL Series reflect their highly cost-effective heating capability. It is the cutting-edge inverter technology and the high performance heat exchanger that has earned the Energy Star Mark on each of the GL models.

Specifications: cooling capacity 7.1kW / heating capacity 8.0kW


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Auto Change Over maintains desired temperature

The Auto Change Over feature on all GL models allows you to get on with your day without having to adjust your heat pump’s temperature as conditions change outside.

The systems works to maintain the room temperature automatically without user intervention.

Simply set the Auto Change Over to your desired temperature and the device will switch between heating and cooling mode to maintain this throughout the day.

gl 71 high wall mounted heat pump

Programmable for up to seven days

The infrared controllers have a number of features that allow you to program heat pumps for up to seven days.

The 24-hour timer can be programmed to start and stop according to your daily schedule. By pre-programming your heat pump, it can start before you wake up or return home from work.

Programming can be set over a seven-day period, eliminating the need to reset the timer daily. This feature on the infrared controller allows you to regulate your energy usage and achieve comfortable temperatures with ease. Program up to four settings per day.

Available with Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control

Connect your High Wall Heat Pump to your smartphone, tablet or online account and control your unit while on the go with Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control.

No matter where you are, you can manage your heat pump with the touch of a button and arrive home to total comfort. Read more about Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control here.

Contact us now before the cold really sets in to find out how you can enjoy winter warmth with a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump.

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