Heat pump servicing is often overlooked by many home-owners. People purchase and install units and do nothing beyond that to maintain their asset and are often surprised and dismayed if the unit has problems further down the track.

Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing equipment and never having it serviced, as by servicing your heat pump you will extend its operating life and maintain efficiency.

At Heat and Cool, we are Mitsubishi Electric heat pump specialists, servicing the Auckland area. Through product and operating knowledge we recommend that residential pumps be serviced annually and commercial units serviced at either six or three month intervals, dependent on usage.

Why service your heat pump?

Heat pump servicing is often overlooked as an integral part of maintaining the longevity and efficiency of a heat pump unit. We see heat pump servicing as being of similar importance to the servicing of your car, it keeps it performing well and increases the life of the unit.

Heat pumps are all about efficiency and by maintaining efficiency it keeps running costs low.

So it makes sense that servicing and maintenance will retain efficiency and because heat pumps are an investment, it pays in the long term and protects your investment. With the average life of a reputable unit like Mitsubishi Electric lasting around 10-15 years, proper servicing of the unit will help it operate efficiently throughout its full life cycle.

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Cleaning your filters is not the same as a service

Filter cleaning should be carried out regularly and this post simple instructions on cleaning heat pump filters provides all the information you need to effectively clean your filters. Filter cleaning is a maintenance job that all home owners are capable of doing themselves.

At Heat and Cool, we like to work with our clients to empower them wherever possible to properly care for their units and for everything else we have qualified, skilled and professional trades people who take pride in what they do. A service call performed by one of our technicians will leave you with a feeling of security, relief and assurance knowing that your unit is optimised to work well, operate efficiently, keep  your family healthy and save you money in operating costs.

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Our servicing of your heat pump unit would include:

  • Cleaning of filters, vanes, grills and outer covers (internal and external)
  • Checking fan blades or scrolls and clean as required
  • Checking condensate line and test for drainage
  • Checking voltage, current draw and all electrical wiring including terminals
  • Checking and testing start/stop sequence and heating/cooling changeover
  • Checking both indoor and outdoor units ensuring they are level; mounts are intact and checking for unusual sounds or vibrations
  • Leak testing around flare fittings
  • Checking both evaporator and condenser coils and report if cleaning is required
  • Test run and check air on and air off temperatures

Without regular heat pump servicing your heat pump or air conditioning unit could harbour dust, allergens, mould and mildew.

Aside from being unsightly, these conditions can lead to the poor running of your unit and more alarmingly, affect your family’s health and well being.

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When should I have my heat pump serviced?

In Auckland, we are somewhat blessed with moderate temperatures year round. So in terms of heat pump servicing, it is best to have your unit serviced before you really need to. If you like to pump the cool air on those humid Auckland days and nights or increase the temperature on chilly winter days and nights, then a service in either Spring or Autumn is ideal.

With residential units we recommend an annual service, however there may be instances when your unit needs some additional TLC:  any instances where you are experiencing higher power bills, or if the unit is not adequately heating or cooling, or is not operating at previous levels, or if the unit is emitting odd smells from either the internal or external unit.

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Give filter cleaning a go yourself and call us in for a full service

If you have any questions at all about the operating health of your unit, give our experienced and skilled team a call. There may be issues with your unit that can easily or readily be explained by a professional, so if you do have any concerns, helpful advice is only a call away.

And do attempt to clean your filters using our simple guide. We want your unit to operate as effectively as it can and we want to empower you to do what you can to keep it like that.

So give it a go and if you need further assistance – give us a call.


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