Climate change is a subject we are all discussing and as we increasingly understand the amount of changes we need to make, it can seem overwhelming to understand how you can make an impact. There are a lot of ‘big’ changes needed that can only really be made by governments with policy and business change. There are things that everyone can do to make a difference though and one place to start is by looking at your own home.

Focusing on how to make your home more carbon neutral is something everyone can do. There are a lot of changes you can make around your home, but did you know that one of the best things you can do to tackle climate change is to switch your home’s heating and cooling to a heat pump. 

Heating your home with a heat pump reduce your household’s carbon footprint

Around the world about 15% of all energy costs are for heat and most of the sources of that heat is from burning fossil fuels. Cutting emissions of greenhouse gasses can be a challenge when it comes to using more traditional types of heating systems which are based on coal, wood or gas. A simple solution to this challenge is one well adopted in New Zealand, the humble heat pump. 

In New Zealand, over 80% of our electricity is renewable.  Around the globe, as more and more countries focus on wind and solar power, the focus on switching to heat pumps is making the headlines.

A recent study by a California based environmental research firm has called out switching to heat pumps for our heating and cooling needs a low hanging fruit option when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and importantly, keeping your energy bills down. Heat pumps are widely used in New Zealand, but now other countries are catching on and countries who traditionally use fossil fuels for heating are making the switch to heat pumps for the same reasons. 


So why is a heat pump better for the environment 

First and foremost, your heat pump uses electricity to function and in a country with such a high percentage of renewable electricity this is a really easy way to make a difference. Not only will your heat pump be powered by green electricity, but it is a heating source that doesn’t create emissions in the process of ‘creating’ heat.  

In actual fact, a heat pump doesn’t create heat at all, one of the key things in its energy and emissions efficiency. A heat pump is just like a refrigerator but it works in reverse. Your fridge uses a refrigerant which will usually start its life as a gas. Electricity is used to run a compressor which condenses the gas into a liquid. Simple physics applies and when the gas is compressed, they release the heat. The liquid then becomes a gas again and during that process it absorbs heat. This process cools the inside of your fridge and the cycle repeats.  

A heat pump works just the same way, except in reverse. The heat from the condenser (outside unit) is directed into the house. Using ambient heat from outside is a highly efficient way to heat your home and so not only will you keep your carbon footprint low but you’ll find heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient (icost efficient!) ways to heat or cool your home.     

Because of this energy efficiency, reports suggest that even if a heat pump was powered by a coal based electricity plant, you would still reduce your carbon emissions by 50%. Switching to heat pumps is helping the EU to cut it’s carbon emissions by 30 million metric tons a year. 

Leading Heat Pump technologies enhance energy efficiencies further


Mitsubishi EcoCore AP range



In New Zealand, we are lucky. Not only do we have the majority of our electricity from renewable sources but we have a long established usage of heat pumps as a source of heating and cooling for our homes.  

This means we have access to the best heat pump. At Heat and Cool we recommend Mitsubishi heat pumps because we believe the offer the best quality and design and they lead the way when it comes to innovating with their technology.  

The latest Mitsubishi EcoCore series of heat pumps offer some of the highest energy efficiently around – and they are New Zealand’s quietest heat pumps too!   

The EcoCore technology uses the latest technology and a next generation super-efficient R32 refrigerant. Add to this the high-density heat exchanger, advanced high efficiently fan motor and next generation compressor and you have a highly efficient heat pump for your home which will keep your carbon emissions and your energy bills low. 

At Heat and Cool, we specialise in advising and installing the best quality and energy efficient heating and cooling systems in homes in and around Auckland. If you are focused on keeping your homes running efficiently and your carbon footprint low, get in touch with us today for a no obligation assessment. 

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