Jon and his colleague came to my house as advised on Friday morning to install the upstairs bedroom unit as agreed. Not only were they on time, but they were polite, friendly, and helpful. They worked diligently for the better part of the day, without stopping for morning tea (which I offered) or for lunch.

I was most impressed with everything associated with the job. They were tidy in their work and professional.  I’m always concerned about electrical work in my house, but I understood from both of them that each of them had  electrical  qualifications. There was a real sense of security in that for me.

Jon had explained to me how the unit would be installed and I did understand and appreciate that it did present some challenges. This was the reason that I selected this particular unit, of the 4 possible to be installed,  to be the first one that I would trial with your company.

The installation, service, the look, and operation of the inside and outside units  and all internal and external ducting and presentation have exceeded my expectations.

I was very impressed with the aesthetics of the outside unit. I was concerned initially that this would not be very attractive as I had seen many that were not. They covered piping, and the way it came down  the outside of the house also did not look  unattractive.  The internal ducting, which had to go through my dressing room, had caused me some concern but the way it was installed and covered has resulted in a much more attractive job and what I had anticipated.  The wiring and piping through the roof space were also installed and finished in a professional manner.

Overall, I have been very happy with every part of the process and do commend Jon, in particular for an excellent result.


September 2016

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