Carl is our Sales Manager and has been with us for the past 12 years.  As a highly valued member he successfully manages the domestic and light commercial side of the business.

Carl Ross

Heat and Cool is very much a family orientated business and having such a close team of workmates makes it a really enjoyable climate to work in.  As with any small team working closely together there are ups and downs, but these are resolved and forgotten quickly and it’s back to business as usual.  The different skills of all the staff combined, make this team a well-oiled machine, where others’ experience and expertise is respected and complements their individual roles in the best possible way.

Carl lists one of the best parts of his role as meeting new clients/customers every day and the challenges and opportunity it provides to ensure each and every one of them are comfortable with the products they purchase and understand the information that is supplied on their equipment.

Playing golf in his spare time keeps him active along with his love of fishing – Carl loves nothing more than cooking up the day’s catch on the BBQ surrounded by his two children and relaxing with his partner Janine over a glass of red wine.

If you are looking for a quote Carl will meet with you and give his recommendations for the right heat pump or air conditioning installation system for your needs.

As the owners/directors of Heat and Cool Air-conditioning Bill and Emilie Delaney have got a lot of industry knowledge and experience between them.

Emily and Bill Delaney

Bill is a New Zealand registered electrician with over 30 years experience in the electrical field. He has particular expertise in air-conditioning and heat pump controls work, light industrial and air-conditioning and  heat pump maintenance.

Together they have gathered a team of very competent operators around them and like the ‘hands on’ businessman that he is, Bill still turns up for work each day – “just to keep my finger on the pulse” – most days you will find him there well into the afternoon.  He’s still the BOSS…

With two chilldren and grandfather to Benji (the apple of his eye!) Bill hasn’t retired… With a 10 acre lifestyle block to keep him out of trouble he admits to this “as being a fulltime job in itself”.

Another fishing enthusiast – Bill holds the company record for a 23 lb snapper!  Now that’s a serious fisherman!

While Emilie now takes time out to devote to their grandchild and enjoying her horses she still manages to “pop in” at least once a week to say hello.  On other days you will find her at the Wood Hill forest with her trusty stead and her loyal Jack Russell dogs Gin and tonic loving nothing more than a ride through the forest.

MONTY is the newest member of our company


Monty is a male ridgeback who at the time of this photo was only 2 months old.  He is now 9 months old and the size of a shetland pony and tries to run things at home.  He is only kept in line by Gin the Jack Russell who doesn’t realise she is only 200mm high!  Any and all food is fair game to Monty – so it’s not advisable to hop up from the BBQ table and expect your meal to be there when you get back!

All staff are employed by our company – no sub-contractors.

All staff undergo Health and Safety training, First Aid certification and Site Safe Passports.