Black Diamond LN Series Heat Pumps


Setting the new standard for Heat Pumps

The new Black Diamond LN series of Heat Pumps from Mitsubishi Electric sets the new standard in both design and technology giving you true personalised comfort in your home.

The new range is stunningly designed and is packed full of features including intelligent 3D i-See Sensor to really customise your heating and cooling. With Plasma Quad Plus Filtration and of course whisper quiet operation the LN series sets the bar when it comes to heating and cooling.

The Black Diamond range has a unique gloss finish with a sleek brushed texture. The designs are bold, striking and beautiful. Choose from red diamond, white diamond or black diamond.

Introducing the intelligent 3D i-See Sensor

To give you the ultimate personalised heating and cooling experience in your home the all new 3D i-See sensor analyses the temperature profile of your room and gives you just the right amount of heating and cooling based on your preference settings.

The heat pump uses it’s intelligent sensor to take a continuous thermal scan of your room, which is splits into three dimensional zones. It measures the temperature in each zone, detecting exactly where people are in the room – even working out how hot or cold each person is.


Energy efficient operation that keeps everyone warm

Once the 3D i-See sensor has detected the location of people in the room, and their temperature, it adjusts the temperature and airflow of the heat pump to make sure everyone experiences just the right level of heating or cooling.

As a result of this intelligent operation your heat pump will be running more efficiently as you aren’t heating or cooling any areas that don’t need it.

With the LN series heat pump you will never feel cold. The 3D i-See sensor will know when someone has moved and will subsequently redirect the airflow so you’ll be warm wherever you are in the room.

The intelligent sensor can easily identify more than one person in a room and directs heat (or cool) air accordingly, with multiple air flow directions so everyone stays at just the right temperature.


Advanced Filtration with Quad Plus Technology

Using high performance plasma technology the Mitsubishi LN series heat pumps filter your air to remove  smells, dust, moulds and other  allergens.

Working like an electrical curtain it captures and neutralises even microscopically small particles in the air.


HyperCore® Technology gives you New Zealand’s best low temperature performance heat pumps-guaranteed

Most ordinary heat pumps produce less heat in temperatures below 7°C but Mitsubishi Heat Pumps, with HyperCore® technology guarantee its fully rated capacity right down to -15°C. HyperCore high wall heat pumps are perfect for your home if you experience especially cold temperatures and/or high humidity during winter.

The Black Diamond LN Series of heat pumps feature HyperCore Technology to ensure you have superior heating performance no matter how cold it is outside.

NZ’s quietest Heat Pumps with added Night Mode

It’s no secret that Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are designed to be incredibly quiet and the Black Diamond LN series of heat pumps benefits from the very latest developments in noise reduction technology. Constant focus on reducing the noise levels has resulted in the Black Diamond Series High Wall heat pumps starting from an incredibly quiet 19dBA.

Add to that Night Mode which lowers the outdoor operating noise by 3dBA and you’ve got no reason not to get in touch and find out more!


Add to that Night Mode which lowers the outdoor operating noise by 3dBA and you’ve got no reason not to get in touch and find out more!

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