Heating commercial spaces has come ahead in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. Much like in the domestic arena, commercial heating systems have overtaken inefficient forms to make way for healthier and more discrete heating solutions.

There is a long list of benefits when it comes to opting for heat pumps over conventional heating. As New Zealanders are becoming more aware of what’s to gain from having a heat pump installed, the positive effects are being felt both domestically and commercially.

Commercial heating systems are effective in reducing overhead costs and minimising environmental impact – two things which are ever-present issues in today’s commercial world.

With Mitsubishi Electric’s range of commercial heating systems, all shapes, sizes and purposes of commercial premises have been considered. This makes commercial heat pumps the most versatile forms of heating and cooling.

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Commercial heating systems perform discretely and quietly

We are already loaded with distractions in an office, retail or industrial environment without the constant clunk from an outdated heating system. Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are known for their extremely quiet performance, even for the larger commercial heating systems.

Over time, heat pumps designs have become very sleek, giving them the ability to discretely blend in with building interiors. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to commercial heat pumps and there is a big range of different styles and capacities. Large capacity high wall heat pumps are perfect for light use in offices and retail environments, while industrial-sized heating and cooling is designed for large commercial building solutions.

Whatever the layout of your commercial space, Mitsubishi Electric has a heating system to suit. With heating, cooling and ventilation benefits, the convenience of each model will exceed your expectations.

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Efficiency minimises cost and environmental impact

Even with their high usage, commercial heating systems are by far the most energy efficient form of heating and cooling. Through constant innovation, Mitsubishi Electric have developed commercial heating that is cost-effective and low in carbon emissions.

Running a commercial business comes with a huge set of overheads. Mitsubishi Electric commercial heating systems are designed to transform small amounts of energy into very high performance. This means that the energy used to run heat pumps is very low without sacrificing on how well it operates. Not only does this mean Mitsubishi Electric commercial heating systems have lower energy costs than conventional methods, it also means the impact on the environment is far lower too.

With so much information coming to light about the effect we have on the environment, commercial premises are doing more and more each day to lessen their personal carbon footprint. We can minimise plastic use, we can recycle. But when it comes to energy usage, we should all be focusing on how to reduce that too.

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A healthier and more comfortable environment for employees

Promoting a healthy environment for your employees needs to start at the top. If you want your employees to be focused, you need to provide optimum working conditions. It’s no different for employees who work behind a computer than it is for those working behind a conveyor belt. Their health and well being directly affects your company’s productivity.

Temperature is one of the main causes of inability to focus. Too hot and we become fatigued, too cold and we become uncomfortable. Either way, our personal efficiency suffers as a result. If working with heavy machinery, the effects of working in this level of discomfort can be extremely dangerous.

Commercial heating systems are easily altered to suit the needs of the building’s occupants. If you’re lucky enough to come to a unanimous agreement over the optimum temperature, that comes with a simple touch of a button. However, most commercial environments choose to use the automatic function which will maintain a pre-set indoor temperature based on outdoor temperatures. So as the day begins to heat up, the heat pump will switch between heating and cooling to ensure the premise stays at the same temperature.

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Commercial ventilation systems enhance air quality

In both small and large commercial environments, ventilation should be a top priority. Keeping the air fresh ensures the health of employees is not affected by air quality.

Air quality has been given a lot of attention in the residential market lately and needs to also be looked at commercially. Without adequate ventilation, mould can quickly develop causing a range of bacteria and viruses to be released into the air. Once the pathogens become airborne, illness can rapidly spread throughout a workplace causing productivity to drop drastically.

Mitsubishi Electric has overcome obstacles of commercial building ventilation and designed the Lossnay Fresh Air Recovery Ventilation System. Lossnay Ventilation swaps stale indoor air for fresh air from outdoors. Not only does it keep the air fresh, it recovers any heat from the outgoing air as a way of pre-heating a space. This means Lossnay Ventilation also saves on heating costs.

Lossnay Fresh Air Recovery Ventilation also circulates fresh air without the need for pesky drafts in the workplace. And, like all Mitsubishi Electric products, it is very, very quiet.

Mitsubishi Electric have modernised commercial heating systems, shaping them into easy-to-use and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions.

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