After you’ve had the heat pump installed on your property, you’ll be sitting back and enjoying the comfort that your heat pump gives your home. It’s important however, to maintain the efficiency of your heat pump, that you know a few of the maintenance musts when it comes to looking after your heat pump.

Keeping on top of your heat pumps maintenance regularly will keep your system up and running with minimal effort. Just as you would take out routine checks on your car, your heat pump is no different.

Carry out these straightforward steps to ensure your heating and cooling needs are met throughout the year.

Filter Cleaning

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You can easily clean the filter on the indoor unit about once every three months with a vacuum cleaner or by removing the screen and cleaning in warm water; this will remove any stricter debris; this is to ensure proper airflow through your heat pump.


Keeping the area around the outdoor unit free of snow, ice, rubbish and other debris will go a long way towards keeping your heat pump fully operational, reducing the need for unwanted engineer callouts.


One of the biggest causes for lack of airflow through your heat pump is the overgrowth of vegetation around the outdoor unit. Clearing any shrubs or trees that may impede the outdoor unit should be an integral part of any heat pump maintenance schedule. Regular checks should be carried out, particularly in the summer months when the plant growth rate is at its highest.

Surface Cleaning

Be sure to wash the outdoor unit about once every six months with a light hose or water left over from other cleaning activities; this will go a long way towards reducing corrosion of the unit. The regularity of surface cleaning will, of course, vary depending on the location of your heat pump, regular visual checks should be carried out and as such, cleaning frequency is left up to your discretion.

Annual Heat Pump Service

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Contacting one of our fully qualified heat pump maintenance engineers to service your system once a year is highly recommended; however if you’ve had a system installed in a larger commercial setting, more regular checks are advised. Please contact one of our team if you would like to be notified when your heat pump service is due.

Signs That You Need A Heat Pump Service

Apart from your regular heat pump maintenance checks there may be indicators throughout the life of your heat pump system that may require attention, such as strange smells released from the indoor unit, loud or unusual noises from any part of the system, or perhaps you feel that your heat pump just isn’t working as optimally as it once was. In any of these instances, our team is on standby, ready to attend to any queries you may have.

Be sure to contact Heat & Cool, and we’ll be happy to help.

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