Winter is nearly here and there is no better way to get instant warmth for you and your family, than a heat pump. Heat pump systems are not only efficient but give you instant heat and diminished power bills – just what you and your family need for Winter right now.

Like every other year, it seems like the cold weather makes a sudden arrival and most often, we are not prepared for it.

As the change in temperature often catches us by surprise, we can find ourselves hastily cranking up the heaters only to be delivered an alarming electricity bill a few weeks later.

There is a lot to say about heat pump systems that can’t be applied to other forms of heating and a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump will give you the best of both worlds. With their long list of benefits, heat pumps have proved to be the easiest, safest and most cost-effective way to heat your home.

heat pump systems in modern kitchen interior

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to heat your home

The first time we feel that cold snap hit, the natural thing to do is blast the heater and get the house warm as quickly as possible. It seems like such a good idea at the time as no-one likes to be cold.

It’s not until we get the first power bill of winter that we’re reminded of just how much more energy we use over the winter season.

The spike in electricity in the winter is somewhat unavoidable; it’s darker earlier, therefore, we use more lighting;  it’s cold, therefore we use more heating;  it’s harder to get up in the mornings, therefore we take longer showers.

Although we see the inevitable result of the change in our behaviour over winter, heat pumps allow us to save money on the heating front.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are known for their efficiency and this goes for both their energy use and the speed at which they heat a large area. The reason for this is that heat pumps don’t create heat, they simply move available heat around, from one area to another.

The initial cost may be higher than that of a heater, but the return on investment far surpasses any alternative.

Monthly power bills won’t look so scary and with one click on the remote, you will notice how quickly the heat fills your home with warmth, even in the coldest weather.

heat pump efficiency throughout your home

Reduce condensation this winter

Condensation is a problem faced by many New Zealand homes during winter. Damp windows often mean much bigger moisture issues and can wreak havoc on both the home’s structure and the health of its occupants.

Unfortunately in the cold weather, the use of heaters and fireplaces to keep warm comes at a compromise.

Heaters and fireplaces can add to condensation issues and cause even bigger problems in the health of a home. As these devices are created to generate hot air without a ventilation system, the hot air has nowhere to go except settle on cold surfaces and create condensation. Damp homes can be breeding grounds for bacteria and can greatly affect anyone’s health, particularly those with respiratory or allergy issues.

Heat pumps quite literally suck the moisture from the room and circulate clean air so the house stays dry, warm and well-ventilated.

heat pump efficiency eliminates condensation

Safe and healthy heat pump systems

When you install a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump, there will be no risk to your family’s safety.

Unlike heaters and fireplaces, heat pumps are kept out of the way on wall mounts or in ceiling vents. Even floor models are completely safe as they remain in one spot and never become hot to touch.

As the warm air is delivered rapidly and distributed evenly, there is no need to stand too close to a heat pump in order to get warm faster. Simply set the device to your desired temperature and enjoy the warmth of heat pump efficiency in a matter of moments.

Heat pumps, due to their efficiency, are quickly becoming the most popular heating choice for New Zealanders. There is nothing quite like a warm and healthy home during winter so instead of dusting off the heating appliances this year, consider having a heat pump installed by us.

Once you make the decision, you will reap the benefits instantly and never look back.

Heat and cool will make sure you’re prepared for winter this year.

As the leading supplier of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and air conditioners for the domestic Auckland market, Heat and Cool are the specialists in heat pump installation.

So don’t get caught off guard this winter.

Give us a call today and have a chat with our heat pump specialist who can arrange to have a heat pump installed before the cold sets in.

Once you see how fantastic they are, you will wonder how you ever braved a winter without one.