If you haven’t heard about the booming Auckland housing market then you must have been living under a rock, because quite simply it is the running ‘hot topic’ of interest on the evening and morning news.

For those selling in this market it is not unheard off for properties to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars over CV.

For those purchasing it’s an exciting time. Whether it’s about gaining a foot in the real estate door, or purchasing a bigger property for a growing family, chances are there will be alterations and added extras needed to make it the perfect home for you.

When it comes to the right heating option for our homes, owners put a lot of thought and forward thinking into picking the right fit for the family now and in the future, with re-sale value often in the background of many decision making processes.

We all know that heat pumps are energy efficient ways to heat and cool our homes, but respondents in a recent Canstar Blue survey also acknowledge additional health benefits.

Of the 856 respondents canvassed, over half noticed improved health since installing a heat pump, with a similar number of people saying the heat pumps had reduced their power bill and a whopping 88% saying it had made their homes drier and easier to heat.

designer_home_with_Mitsubishi Electric heat_pump

The stats and interesting points to note

  • 53%     Noticed improved health
  • 89%     Purchased energy efficient models
  • 50%     Noticed cheaper power bills
  • 88%     Believe their homes were drier and easier to heat
  • 31%     Used government subsidy to purchase their heat pump

When broken into geographical regions, 71% of Auckland respondents indicated an increase in health benefits and 87% said the units had become a must have in any home they owned.

This point is of particular interest in that the regional average was lower at 79%.

With heat pumps growing in the popularity stakes (and for good reason) it is interesting to also note that only 31% of respondents used the government subsidy to purchase the heat pump.

Auckland has a temperamental climate that delivers at both ends of the mercury. For this reason effective insulation and heating are essential in any good Auckland home.

home warmth

As suppliers of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps we are obvious and vocal advocates of their benefits.

Top of the list is a focus and delivery on:

Advanced technology

For their ability to create products that work with technological developments like mobile apps, Mitsubishi Electric was awarded the Innovation Excellence Award 2014 for Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control.

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control

Whisper quiet units

Mitsubishi Electric understands that we live in a world full of noise that bombards us daily and is often amplified for those who live in urban areas like Auckland city. For this reason Mitsubishi Electric have been at the forefront of producing units that have a strong emphasis on quiet operation.


Looks are not everything, but they sure are important and a good heat pump unit is one that integrates seamlessly into your home environment, complimenting your existing interior.

Designer Series Heatpump

A trusted and respected brand

Mitsubishi Electric has been Highly Commended by New Zealand consumers in the Heat Pump category of the Trusted Brands survey by Readers Digest. This survey is widely recognised as accurately reflecting New Zealanders thoughts on various brands and products with attributes like quality, consistency and familiarity ranking highest in the trusted brands category.


After Sales support

Mitsubishi Electric only use certified and approved installers like Heat and Cool.

Mitsubishi Electric value consistency and customer piece of mind, so if you purchase a Mitsubishi Electric product and the seller does not install it, then in order to keep your warranty valid, the product must be installed by a Certified Mitsubishi Electric installer.

It’s a point of difference that provides consistency and peace of mind.

heat pump testimonials

With an approved installer like Heat and Cool you get a technician who is highly skilled and qualified and additionally who provides excellent after sales support.

For more on sales support and what you are likely to receive at Heat and Cool visit our testimonials page.

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