We’ve come a long way since heating technology began. Until recently, it seemed like every heating device came with a compromise; if it was warm, the air was damp; if it heated quickly, it cost a fortune; if it was cost-effective, it was a fire hazard.

Heat pumps have been our saving grace when it comes to keeping a warm, dry, healthy home  where safety, efficient energy and cost effective heating is paramount.

As a major investment, heat pumps really need to be associated with a reputable and reliable brand. If any company is going to give you the best, it’s a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump installed by Heat and Cool.

Having been in the business for over 30 years, Mitsubishi Electric knows how to create a great product. And combined with the expertise of the team at Heat and Cool, you can rest assured that installation will be managed to the highest standard, guaranteed!

Heat and Cool stock only Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and air conditioning units – that’s how much we consider them to be the best! Whatever the size and shape of your house or commercial property, Heat and Cool have a Mitsubishi Electric product to suit your requirements.

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We think Mitsubishi Electric products are the best 

Being the only company whose products we are willing to stock, it goes to show how much we believe in the quality and reliability of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps.

Whether you’re after high wall, ceiling or floor console, the Mitsubishi Electric heat pump designs are sleek and user-friendly.

High wall mounted heat pump – these are the most common heat pump installed around the country. Taking up no floor space, the high wall mounted heat pump is discreet in design and will instantly heat or cool your house at the touch of a button.

Multi-split system heat pump – connect several indoor units with a single outdoor unit with the multi-split system heat pump. Here you can choose the right unit for each room, such as small-capacity units for bedrooms and larger units for spacious family areas. Each unit has an individual control to set the temperature to suit that particular space.

Compact floor console heat pump – these are an energy-efficient alternative to a gas fire or fireplace. The compact floor console heat pump is whisper quiet and works at optimum performance to achieve rapid heating or cooling in the space you have chosen.

Ceiling suspended heat pump – these units are very popular in commercial spaces as they are suited to large rooms and have high airflow. The ceiling suspended heat pump cleverly assesses a comfortable temperature for your space by heating or cooling quickly before automatically settling into operation mode.

Ceiling concealed (ducted) heat pump – if you want a low profile unit, the ceiling concealed heat pump is perfect. Hidden inside a ceiling space, these units are great for smaller spaces where you would like to fully optimise the space available. Once the main unit is installed, ducts can be used to distribute warm or cool air into other areas.

Ceiling cassette heat pump – popular in both the home and office, the ceiling cassette heat pump quickly achieves maximum comfort due to its multi-directional airflow. The design of this heat pump is discreet and takes up no floor space at all.

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Wi-Fi control just made things a whole lot easier

Did you know you can now connect the Mitsubishi Electric domestic high wall heat pump to your smartphone or tablet?

No matter where you are, you can turn on your heat pump through Wi-Fi control technology. So there’s no reason to return to a cold house in the winter or a stuffy house in the summer. Simply switch on your heat pump from wherever you are and arrive home to the perfect temperature.

Not only is it more convenient, it’s actually more cost-effective to gradually heat or cool your home rather than blasting the unit to achieve the desired temperature.

Have a high wall heat pump already and want WiFi control? The WiFi heat pump adaptor can also be retrofitted to existing domestic high wall heat pumps.

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Heat and Cool stand by Mitsubishi Electric 100%

To truly get the best, look no further than one of the Mitsubishi Electric models. With so many products in their portfolio, Mitsubishi Electric is a well-respected brand who really know everything there is to know about heat pumps.

As the number one domestic installer of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps in Auckland, Heat and Cool make it easy for you to get your hands on the right Mitsubishi Electric product for your home or office.

Heat and Cool are 100% committed to customer service and satisfaction. Wherever you are in Auckland, we have a service and maintenance team that can tend to you without any fuss.

It goes without saying that heat pumps have become the easiest and fastest way to achieve a desired temperature. They are becoming an increasingly popular choice for both domestic and commercial use and their benefits far surpass any of the alternatives.

So head into winter comfortably this year and have a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump installed by Heat and Cool.

And remember… they are whisper quiet!

Give the team a call today and reap the benefits of the fantastic brand, Mitsubishi Electric.

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