The world is full of noise. So much so that we refer to things like the media and online activity as “noise”.

If you are looking to gain a degree of relief from the sometimes bombarding noise of everyday life, like traffic and ongoing conversations then a home that is made quiet, wherever possible, will help deliver that all important relief factor and make your home into a haven of relaxation and comfort.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pump

A home that is quiet, warm and comfortable in winter and cool and quiet in summer is something we would all love to come home to.

So how do we get it?

Get some quiet in your life

Canstar Blue is fast becoming the consumer research company that accurately reflects the thoughts and feelings of New Zealand residents. In a recent survey they conducted, respondents were asked to rate their satisfaction with the operating noise levels of their heat pumps.

Mitsubishi Electric was the only heat pump brand to receive a full five star rating for quiet performance, three years in a row.

Mitsubishi Electric understand, not only the importance of a cool and dry home throughout summer, but also factors like noise as a contributing element in overall satisfaction and that’s why we partner with them. They understand what’s important.

Noise affects comfort, so Mitsubishi Electric is constantly working to make their heat pumps as quiet as possible. And we are not just saying this, it’s a fact.

The GE Series High Wall heat pump indoor units are New Zealand’s quietest starting from an indoor sound level of only 19dBA (decibels) (when set on lowest fan speed).

Let’s put this decibel rating into context

  • A dishwasher registers around 55dBA
  • A washing machine on spin cycle registers at around 75dBA.

So a 19dBA heat pump delivers a squeak in comparison and you can understand why it’s coined “whisper quiet”.

Sound can affect us in significant ways. I’m sure we have all been there – noisy neighbours and booming reverberation from basey music.

In Europe there are defined guidelines as to night noise levels that will have an adverse affect on your sleep:

  • Sleep disturbance is at 42dBA
  • General annoyance at 32dBA
  • And 55dBA as likely to have a negative impact on children’s learning


Quietness on all fan Speeds

While the absolute quietest level of decibels is achieved on the lowest fan setting, all Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are designed to give you quietly superior comfort no matter which unit you choose or which fan speed you put it on.

How do they get this consistency across the range?


Mitsubishi Electric takes a consistent approach across all units in their range by applying the best and most proven technologies.

Fan Design

Larger fan diameter, this enables the motor to run at a slower speed while maintaining the same air volume. Smaller fans have to spin faster and create more noise

Coil Design

The larger surface area of the coils enables the indoor unit to maintain a higher temperature. So less air needs to be passed across the coil, meaning less noise.

Indoor Unit

Robust casing for minimal noise when operating. No rattling or shaking.

If you are looking for some relief from the bombarding noises of life, then we could not recommend more highly the Mitsubishi Electric range. Designed for New Zealand households, the range of heat pumps will deliver a level of quiet to your Auckland based home.

And let’s face it, Auckland is noise filled so any respite you can get, would be welcomed. Right?

To find out more, not only about the level of operating quietness, but also of the ranges efficiency in operating cost and excellent after sales care, give one of our team a call and finally bring the ‘quiet’ to your home.


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