Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning Units

We install and service a wide range of Mitsubishi heat pumps and air conditioning units. We can help you choose the right heating and cooling system for your home from our extensive range of heat pumps, including High Wall, Ceiling and Floor Air Conditioning and heat pumps. Our range includes options for both residential and commercial use.

Featured Range

Introducing the New Zealand’s quietest ever Heat Pumps – EcoCore AP range

The latest range of heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric are officially New Zealand’s  quietest heat pumps – ever!

Innovative design and advanced efficiency technology is packed into the EcoCore AP range to keep you warm as the chill sets in.


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High Wall Mounted Heat Pump

A high wall mounted heat pump is the most common heating and cooling system in New Zealand

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Ceiling Cassette Heat Pump

Ceiling cassette heat pumps take up no floor space and have become one of the most popular choices today

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Mitsubishi Wi-Fi heat Pump Control

Mitsubishi’s innovative technology that connects your high wall heat pump to your smart phone and puts you in control

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Compact Floor Console Heat Pump

A floor console heat pump ensures perfect temperatures are achieved at all times.

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Multi Room Heat Pumps

With our Multi Room Heat Pump Systems you have the flexibility to choose the perfect system

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Concealed/Ducted Heat Pump

A ceiling concealed/ducted heating and cooling system are perfect for tight installation spaces

Ceiling Suspended Heat Pump

Ceiling suspected heat pumps are best suited for large rooms with high stud areas.

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Ensure you have a healthy home! Ensuring a dry home starts with a moisture preventing dehumidifier.

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Heat Pump Covers

Seamlessly integrate your heat pump unit into the look of your home with a heat pump cover.

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