Mitsubishi Wi-fi Control

Control or monitor from anywhere

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control will ensure you always return to a warm and comfortable home, so it’s perfect for busy kiwis. The bi-directional technology allows you to monitor and control your heat pump system(s) from anywhere. Just before you leave work on a cold day you can simply select the system you want to control on your mobile device and adjust it accordingly.

What awaits you on your return home is a comfortable warm environment – the perfect end to a long day.

Wi-Fi iPhone inhand

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Add multiple heat pumps

Our easy-to-use Wi-Fi heat pump control allows you to customise the settings of each heat pump in your home, so it’s specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Simply purchase multiple adaptors to manage all heat pumps independently on the same account – it’s as easy as that!

Why choose Wi-Fi

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control connects the modern way kiwis live and incorporates on-the-go mobile living with home comforts and smarter heating, enabling you to control your heat pump from wherever you are… through your smartphone, tablet or online account.

Families with Children

The World Health Organisation considers rooms colder than 16°C overnight harmful to your health. Use the Wi-Fi Control on ‘minimum room temperature’ feature to maintain a healthy base temperature throughout the night.

Designer Series Heatpump

Busy lifestyles

As Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control talks to your heat pump remotely, you can adjust your heat pump to suit your needs while you are going about your daily schedule. Did you set your heat pump to turn on when you head home from work but decide to go out for dinner? With the Wi-Fi Control you are able to easily adjust settings remotely – saving you money.

Try the demonstration and see what it can do for you

Savvy savers

For those who love to return to a warm home, Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control has an energy efficient way to do so. Instead of returning to a cold home and turning your heat pump up high for instant warmth, you can instead turn your heat pump on when you are heading home to warm your home gradually. Same result, more savings!

Holiday home owners

Arrive at your holiday home that has been aired even before you get there by turning it on remotely as you start your journey.

Double-check that your heat pump was turned off and timers were deleted from the system as you head back to work to avoid an expensive power bill!

And turn the system on periodically throughout the winter to remove moisture from the air.

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