Now that the weather is getting warmer, we need to start thinking about preparing for the summer heat and that begs the question – are you up to date with your air conditioning maintenance?

After sitting idle for a while as the seasons change from cool to warm, your air conditioning unit may need a little TLC.

If it has collected any debris over that time, it is likely to require professional air conditioning maintenance from an expert.

Like many of our major home appliances, if we don’t take care of them, we can’t expect them stay at their peak performance. A comprehensive check-up and clean by Heat and Cool will get your home ready for summer temperatures.

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Air conditioning maintenance enhances your unit’s efficiency

Heat pumps are an investment to the overall health of our home and should be serviced annually to maintain their efficiency. If they are not working to their full potential, you will not be receiving the full benefits.

Using a heat pump is the quickest way to achieve comfortable temperatures at home regardless of outdoor conditions. As they typically sit high on the wall and out of view, they are often overlooked.

Imagine turning on your air conditioning on a hot summer’s day only to find it’s not working properly.

The transition of spring to summer is the perfect time to have your heat pump serviced. With spring winds and an increase in airborne pathogens during this time, your unit may require a thorough clean to get through summer without a hitch.

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A professional service is much more than just a clean

A heat pump service is not the same as a filter clean. Regular filter cleans are still very important, but this is more of a routine maintenance that you can do yourself.

With a professional servicing, the team at Heat and Cool will check both the indoor and outdoor units to ensure the entire system is in tip-top shape. This requires the right equipment and knowledge of how the system works as a whole.

Similar to when we have our cars serviced, heat pump servicing offers peace of mind and assurance that everything is working just as it should be. And should we find anything that may be inhibiting the performance of your unit, we can attend to the problem right away.

Heat pump servicing by Heat and Cool includes:

– Cleaning of filters, vanes, grills and outer covers (both internal and external)
– Checking blades and scrolls for damage
– Checking voltage, current, and all electrical wiring
– Testing drainage
– Testing start/stop sequence and heating/cooling changeover
– Checking for any unusual sounds or vibrations from internal and external units
– Leak testing
– Checking evaporator and condenser coils
– Full test run to complete

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Professional servicing addresses indoor and outdoor units

While we are aware of our air conditioning unit indoors, we tend to forget the importance of the outdoor unit. With blustery spring winds blowing dirt and pollen around, and the likelihood of ersoion if you live near the beach, things can quickly turn pear shaped if the outdoor unit becomes unworkable.

Removing debris from the outdoor unit is a major component of a professional air conditioning maintenance. You’d be surprised at how many bugs, leaves and dirt deposits have made themselves at home in there!

While being unpleasant to look at, bugs and debris can have a serious effect on the performance of your air conditioning this summer, as well as being a hazard to your family’s health. The best thing you can do to extend the life of the unit is to have it professionally serviced once a year.

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Servicing your heat pump before summer hits will ensure your comfort in the midst of soaring temperatures.

So, with the change of season, it seems like a timely reminder to have us call out for a routine service on your heat pump.

The key to heat pump longevity is to have them serviced before you actually need to. Waiting for an issue to arise is both costly and inconvenient. A spring clean on your heat pump will address any issues before they become too serious to fix on the spot.

Call us today and give your heat pump some attention before the hot temperatures kick in.

There is no better time than the present to have peace of mind that your air conditioning will be running smoothly all summer long.

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