At Heat and Cool we are authorised suppliers and installers of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning in Auckland as well as specialists in both domestic and commercial air conditioning and heat pumps.

With summer fast approaching you will no doubt need a reprieve from the mugginess of Auckland weather and what better place to have that comfort than in your own home.

At Heat and Cool we work with you to decide on the best air conditioning options and services for your family’s needs and can offer you the following:

  • Domestic air conditioning and heat pumps
  • Commercial air conditioning and heat pumps
  • Ducted air conditioning/heat pump system-ceiling and under floor
  • Home ventilation systems-positive pressure and balanced air
  • Authorized suppliers and accredited installers of Mitsubishi Electric

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When evaluating your cooling options this summer there are a number of modes to consider including:

Heat pumps – wall mounted and floor

Heat pumps work in very much the same way your fridge does. Warm air is removed from one side of the wall and transferred to the other using coils – inside to out for cooling. And because of their operating efficiency they are relatively cost effective to run.

When selecting a heat pump it is essential to consider the size of the room to be cooled – larger rooms require a higher power capacity on the heat pump. This is because a smaller unit for example would have to work harder and longer to heat a room above its capacity size and would reduce the running efficiency. The larger the room size, the bigger the unit you will need and even though the larger unit may cost more upfront, it will run more efficiently in the space and use less energy on an on-going basis.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority launched a rating system called the Energy Star Mark and this allows you as consumers to identify particularly efficient units. It’s a simple step that can deliver a huge dose of ‘piece of mind’.

Buying and installing a unit should always fall to a reputable installer and the unit you choose should be from an equally reputable company like Mitsubishi Electric. Installation to manufacturer’s specifications is imperative for a warranty to be valid.

Also by engaging the services of a professional like the Heat and Cool team, you’re more likely to get the type of unit most suitable for your requirements, whether that is a wall mounted or floor unit, because we work with you in the consultation process to understand and accurately deliver the right cooling and air-conditioning solution for your home.

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Ducted – ceiling

If you are in the process of building a new home then it’s the ideal time to consider a whole home ducting unit with the heat pump installed in the roof cavity and vents inbuilt into ceilings.

Centrally ducted air heating is when the heat is delivered into every room from a central heating system. What’s great about this system is that every room in the house is cooled to a set and constant temperature, it delivers good indoor air quality and is custom designed to fit each home’s heating needs. It’s a safe, convenient and whole home approach to air conditioning and cooling

Ceiling Concealed (ducted) Heat Pump

Multi  Split Systems

Choose the model that is most suitable to each individual room in your home with our Multi-Split System heat pump system. Here you have the flexibility to choose the perfect indoor unit for each room. These models are designed to allow several indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit.

When you install the Multi-Split System heat pumps you not only reduce the number of outdoor units required, but you have the option of adding more indoor units at any time which is energy saving and very quiet.

Multi-Split System Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric heat pump units operate at ideal capacity, minimising energy wastage.

And even better, all units allow individual control of air conditioning in all room of your home, so you can adjust the temperature to suit the required comfort levels of that space and you only use the units in the rooms that you need.

For a multitude of reasons, always choose a reputable supplier

reputable supplier is essential and finding one can be easier than you think – feedback and reviews online provide some unbiased insights and a good, reputable supplier will more than likely have this information on their website.


Heat and Cool are one such company, our testimonials page is testament to the great work we do and the appreciation our clients have. To get summer ready and have your air conditioning needs firmly me, its best to get going now.

It’s as easy as giving Carl a call, have a chat, pick his brains and from there you can schedule an appointment to go over your needs in greater depth.

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