Once a luxury for a privileged few, air conditioning has now become a normal part of our daily lives.

Air conditioning is quickly becoming a necessary addition to many homes, cars, offices and indoor public areas. Whether we realise it or not, we are offered the comfort of a good temperature almost everywhere we go.

It’s hard to imagine how we ever lived without it.

The many benefits of air conditioning stem from the simple fact that it makes your environment comfortable all year round. Comfort may be the main tangible benefit of air conditioning, but there are also numerous health benefits to gain through controlling the temperature.

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Improves comfort

When our bodies are either too hot or too cold, it becomes our main focus to find a stable and comfortable temperature again. As we work harder to get to this point, we become tired and irritable. Air conditioning changes the conditions quickly so you can feel cool and refreshed or warm and snug in no time at all.

Despite the use of conventional fans or open windows, when the outside temperature changes, so does the temperature indoors. Sun rays and heat loads in the summer can sometimes make inside temperatures even higher than outside. It can therefore become very difficult to find relief from the heat. As heat is stored up over the course of a hot day, opening the windows does very little to cool the air.

Summer hot heat wave man and woman sweat and suffer

With air conditioning, you can leave home for the day without having to worry about the temperature you will arrive home to. And the day in the office doesn’t need to reach an unbearable heat by the eighth hour.

Protects our health by keeping the air clean and dry

When the air is clean, we can minimise or prevent health conditions such as:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin irritations
  • Heat rash
  • Hay fever and other sinus irritations
  • Illnesses from harmful airborne bacteria

Allergies and respiratory issues are intensified if the condition of the air is not to a healthy standard. Unfortunately, medicines only provide short-term relief, so we need to look at the bigger picture; how clean is the air?

In warm and humid conditions, allergens such as mould and dust mites thrive and multiply quickly. Air conditioning units help to fight the production of dust mites by keeping the humidity level to a minimum. A modern air conditioning unit might be all you need to reduce humidity and slow the growth rate of dust mite populations and mould build-up.

With air conditioning, it’s possible to remove dust and other external allergens from the air so allergy sufferers and asthmatics are able to reduce their symptoms. The anti-fungus filters in modern air conditioning units help to purify the air by catching harmful airborne particles before they enter your indoor environment.

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Minimises noise and maximises security

In both the home and office, closing the windows is our first call to action for increasing security, minimising external noise and banishing insects.

Fortunately, keeping the windows closed in the summer doesn’t have to mean suffering in the heat. With commercial and domestic air conditioning, we can cool and cleanse the air without jeopardising the safety of our home or workplace.

Particularly in split-level homes, keeping the windows closed at night ensures we can rest easy knowing everyone in the house is safe.

Gone are the days of putting up with bites in the night or the continuous hum of traffic. Keep the windows closed and keep the noise and the bugs out!

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Get the help you need to make the right choice

Heat and Cool are the leading supplier for the domestic use of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and air conditioning units in Auckland. Our products are easy to use, sophisticated and quiet – discreet in any home.

We know that when air conditioning is frequently serviced, the efficiency of the unit is maintained and the air is kept clean. That’s why our skilled technicians are on hand to provide ongoing support after installation.

If you are trying to decide which supplier to choose, pop over and check out the great feedback on our testimonials page. Here you will see that our reputation for great service and expertise is backed up by our many satisfied customers.

Summer is on its way and if you sweated through it last year, there’s no need to do it again!

For help on how to choose the right product for you, call Heat and Cool today to schedule an appointment. Our highly-skilled team will guide you through the process and ensure you make the right choice for your home.

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