Heat pump innovations offer customisation and money saving features

heat pump innovations

Staying up-to-date with the latest gizmos and gadgets doesn’t only apply to smartphones, tablets and the more obvious devices. Believe it or not, some of the most impressive technological advancements are in heat pump innovations. Since the dawn of heat pumps and air conditioning, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds. It is hardly…


How to choose the best location for your outdoor heat pump unit

outdoor heat pump unit

A lot of consideration goes into deciding the location of your outdoor heat pump unit. Installing it in the wrong place could have a big impact on your unit’s performance. It could also lead to frequent maintenance problems. Aesthetics in this instance need to be treated with care so you don’t restrict your unit’s capacity.…


Air conditioning maintenance prepares your heat pump for summer

Air conditioner

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we need to start thinking about preparing for the summer heat and that begs the question – are you up to date with your air conditioning maintenance? After sitting idle for a while as the seasons change from cool to warm, your air conditioning unit may need a…


Home interior colours can help to cool your home this summer

girl eating watermelon

It may not seem significant at first glance, but home interior colours can have a huge impact on the temperature in your home on a hot, sunny summer’s day. Particularly in parts of the house that get all-day sun, if your interior paints and furniture are the ideal colours for absorbing heat, it will require…


Heating, ventilation and insulation – essentials for a healthy home

brother with newborn

Everyone deserves to live in a warm, cosy, healthy home and the main essentials for a healthy home are heating, ventilation and insulation. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, especially here in New Zealand. Trying to heat a typical New Zealand home in winter is almost impossible, with most homes lacking insulation and central heating…


Control your home’s temperature in the face of climate change

Father and daughter in New Zealand bush

Climate change, it’s the term on everybody’s lips at the moment. And while it’s mentioned in the news time and time again, how often do we stop to think of the impact it might have on us personally? It may seem like a slow process but changes are happening and New Zealand is not immune…


Install a heat pump now and reduce the risk of winter flu

Winter is well and truly on the way, and we all know what that means – colds and winter flu season! Coughs, aches and a runny nose are synonymous with winter, but you can increase your chances of avoiding illness this year by taking some simple precautions. How to can avoid catching a cold and…


Advantages of a heat pump over 3 traditional heaters

Family warm up hands over electric heater

With winter approaching fast, choosing which form of heating to have in your home can be tough. This decision can be a bit overwhelming so to break it down simply, here are three questions you can ask. Which type produces the most heat? How much does it cost to run? What is the initial investment…