With winter fast approaching it’s important to know how to clean your heat pump’s filter in your home or office. This simple act of cleaning will make a big difference to the quality of the indoor air you breathe.

If you have air conditioning at home or the office, ensuring your filters are clean and healthy is hugely important, think about the accumulation of dirt, pathogens and allergens that build up on the filters over time and with constant use.

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Regular cleaning will also help improve efficiency and prolong the life of your heat pump unit and help to protect the health of your family.

It is easy to forget about periodic cleaning which is essential in maintaining a healthier breathing environment and as is the case with most things, regular maintenance is the best option. Cleaning often, rather than waiting until the filter is filled with dust and pathogens is the best option.

To assist you with this, we have broken down the cleaning tasks into time frames, namely regular, three times a year and yearly.

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If you follow this simple guide it will keep your filters clean and help maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family.

To begin and to make cleaning easier, the front panel of your Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump can be removed. When cleaning is finished simply re-fit the front panel by pushing it back into place.

Cleaning the air filter

This can and should be done once every 2 weeks.

With the front panel off, removing the air filters is made easier.

Simply remove the dirt from the filters with a small brush or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, or rinse with water (no hotter than 50°C). If cleaning with water, use a soft dry cloth and place in shade to dry.

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Cleaning the heat exchanger

With the air filters removed, clean the heat exchanger vertically, moving the brush vacuum attachment up and down the fins of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger may be damaged if it is cleaned horizontally.

Please note:

If the heat pump has been cooling, it may be wet from condensation. This will make it difficult to vacuum. For best results, clean only after the unit has been off for at least five hours. Also do not touch the heat exchanger with your bare hands, it’s best to wear a pair of gloves and injury could result.

Deeper cleaning of the air filter

This can be done once every four months:

Remove dirt with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment as you would do once every few weeks. If dirt cannot be removed by vacuuming, simply soak the filter and its frame in a mixture of simple dish-washing detergent and lukewarm water before gently washing and rinsing it. After washing, dry the air cleaning filter well with a soft dry cloth or in the shade.

Once a year task:

For best performance, replace the air cleaning filter on your heat pump once every year and your product manual will be able to give you guidance on this. The filters serve to keep the heat pump’s components clean, so regular upkeep and then replacement is always best practise.

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Regular cleaning is not only good for your health but also good for the running health of your heat pump.

At Heat and Cool we appreciate the investment our customers make by installing a Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump so it is our pleasure to share with you tips and practises to help you maintain that investment, at the same time ensuring the health and safety of all your family.

For assistance, or to simply answer any questions you may have about your heat pump, or if you’re considering adding a heat pump or multiple heat pumps to your home or work place this winter, give our friendly team a call.

Remember winter warmth is only a call away.

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