Winters in Auckland can be mild by many standards, but ensuring your home stays warm, dry and healthy are things we should all be thinking about as the winter approaches.

Just like we look after the engines and workings of our cars, we need to look after our heat pumps to make sure they can do the best job for us with the air in our home.

Your Heat Pump or Air Conditioning system plays a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient and so we’ve pulled together some comment heat pump challenges and how to manage them .


Common Heat Pump and AC Problems and How to Avoid Them


Do you struggle with insufficient Heating Levels?

If you find that your heat pumps does not produce enough heat for your home, there are a few things you can check.

The first, and most common issue is that your air filters need cleaning. Dirty air filters can cause your system to work harder, use more energy, and even break down. To avoid this problem, clean your air filters regularly or book in for a service and this is one of the things we will do for you.

If your system appears to be running well, but it is just not producing enough heat for your home, you may find that your heat pump is not sized properly for your home. Our team of heating and cooling experts offer an obligation free assessment so we can recommend that right heat pumps for the size of room or home you need to heat. You can schedule and appointment with our team today or take a look at our handy ‘heat pump calculator‘ which  will help you to work out the capacity that you need.


Do you have damp smells from your system or drips from the indoor unit?

Heat pumps have a condensate drain whose job is to remove excess moisture from you system. If this becomes clogged it can cause water damage or even mould growth. If you are experiencing these problems it’s time to book a service for your heat pump where the drain will be cleaned and any clogs removed. 


Do you have clutter around your outdoor unit?

We often spend more time looking at the indoor unit of our heat pumps as this is the part that is generally the most visible. The outdoor unit is a crucial element though and it needs some care too.

It’s important to ensure the overall smooth running of your heat pump system that the outdoor unit is clean and free from debris. It’s all too easy for it to become overgrown with weeds, dirt and storm debris. Make a point to regularly check that your unit is clean, remove any creeping plants and make sure there is room around the unit for it to be able to do it’s job.


Have your energy bills increased unexpectedly?

When your heat pump system is well maintained they offer an energy efficient way to keep your heating costs in check. When your heat pump is in need of a little TLC it can cause the system to run less efficiently and as it works harder, it uses more power unnecessarily.

To make sure your heat pump is running as well as it should, scheduling a service of your system at least once a year is recommended. A heat pump service includes a thorough clean and check of both indoor and outdoor system, cleaning of filters and drains and checking all elements such as fans and motors are working as they should.

Our heat pump maintenance package is great value at just $150+gst for your first heat pump, with any additional unit serviced for $40. You can book your service today. 


Keep your home happy, healthy and warm this winter!

By avoiding these common problems, you can help ensure that your system runs smoothly and efficiently all year round. If you’re experiencing any of these issues or need professional maintenance,  contact Heat & Cool today. Our team of professionals can provide you with the services you need to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.