Trying to decide what brand of heat pump to go with? With the amount of brands out there, it’s no wonder you can be left baffled. Make it easy on yourself and look for the Energy Star mark. If you see it you know you’ve made a great choice.

The Energy Star mark is a Government-backed symbol that indicates a high level of energy efficiency.

Saving you money and protecting the environment are the two major qualities for appliances that have the Energy Star mark.

Most heat pumps come with an Energy Star rating, but this is not to be confused with the Energy Star mark. The Energy Star rating is a score out of six stars; the more stars the better. The Energy Star mark is the highest possible award for energy efficiency in its product category.

Mitsubishi Electric has a total of 34 Energy Star awarded heat pump systems. This includes high wall, ducted, and floor console heat pumps.

Through tireless researching and testing, Mitsubishi Electric has developed some of the very best heat pump technology in the industry.

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Only the best earn the Energy Star mark

The Energy Star mark is not given to just anyone. Brands who have earned the symbol are dedicated to saving their customers money and protecting the environment.

The New Zealand Government has recognised heat pumps as the most energy efficient form of home heating.

In winter months when power consumption is considerably higher, heat pumps offer a cost-effective heating solution.

But it’s not one-size fits all. Like all appliances, there are varying degrees of quality, durability and above all, credibility. Looking for brands with the Energy Star mark, makes it easier for the consumer to choose the appliance that will benefit them the most long-term.

Appliances with the Energy Star mark must meet the following guidelines

  • Must contribute significantly to nationwide energy efficiency
  • Product features must meet the demands of the consumer
  • If the product is more expensive to purchase, customers must regain their investment through bill savings in a reasonable period of time
  • Product performance and efficiency must be measurable and verified

For Mitsubishi Electric to meet these guidelines on 34 heat pump systems says a lot about the credibility and determination of the brand.

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Why was the Energy Star mark created?

Conventional heating systems have proved to have a big impact on both the environment and household energy costs.

The Energy Star mark was first created to encourage brands to have an environmental conscience when developing new products. Understanding that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is crucial to creating a healthy environment for years to come, Mitsubishi Electric began pioneering the most superior heating systems.

Before the Energy Star mark was implemented, consumers couldn’t compare how costly an appliance would be to run. With no basis of comparison, how can consumers know if they had made the right decision?

The Energy Star mark ensures consumers that they have purchased an appliance that will save them money without compromising on quality, and performance.

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Our most comprehensive range of Energy Star awarded heat pumps

Mitsubishi Electric take energy efficiency very seriously and are committed to continuously improving their technology. Their aim is to offer the most superior heat pumps on the market.

Their range of Energy Star awarded heat pump systems is extremely comprehensive and comprises of 34 different models including:

From 2.5kW to 13.5kW, there is an Energy Star awarded heat pump to suit a wide range of different room sizes.

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Here at Heat and Cool, we believe in offering the best to our customers.

This is why we only stock Mitsubishi Electric products.

As the leading heat pump specialists for sales, service and installation in the greater Auckland region, we aim to provide consumers with the best heating and cooling solutions possible.

With summer coming to an end, the cooler months will be here before you know it.

Our specialist team can advise which heat pump system is best for your space before installation. We also offer ongoing maintenance.

Call us today and get the best heat pump there is!


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