Staying up-to-date with the latest gizmos and gadgets doesn’t only apply to smartphones, tablets and the more obvious devices. Believe it or not, some of the most impressive technological advancements are in heat pump innovations.

Since the dawn of heat pumps and air conditioning, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds.

It is hardly recognisable to what it was originally.

Now with more customisation and energy saving features, heat pumps have become a functional accessory in the home.

You no longer have to worry about how to disguise your heat pump and make it ‘fit in’ with your home décor. New Mitsubishi Electric heat pump models are sleek, stylish and unobtrusive.

In both style and sound, heat pump innovations have turned a once grunty machine into a compact, modern, heating and cooling device.

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Customisation features personalise heating and cooling

The style and programming are two heat pump innovations that have improved customisations abilities and heat pump innovations have personalised heating and cooling. After all, everyone enjoys a different temperature to achieve their own level of comfort.

Colour choice – The Mitsubishi Electric Designer Series has a choice of three colours to suit your home’s interior décor. Now with the choice of glossy white, matte silver and diamond black, you can choose the option to match your personal style.

7-day programmable hand held controller – This infrared controller is so advanced it allows up to four settings every 24 hours. You can programme these amount of settings over a whole week to eliminate the need to reset the timer every day. This is available to all Mitsubishi Electric High Wall heat pumps

WiFi control – Available as an upgrade option to all Mitsubishi Electric High Wall heat pumps, WiFi control lets you customise your heat pump from your smartphone, tablet or online account.  If you are in the office or stuck in traffic, simply set your heat pump from your device and enjoy comfortable temperatures from the moment you walk in the door.

WiFi control

3D i-see sensor – Exclusive to the Deluxe FH Series, the 3D i-see sensor is designed to detect hot and cold spots. This means your heat pump will be continuously analysing the temperature in the room to optimise comfort. The sensor scans the room to find the exact position of its occupants and their own personal temperatures. The heat pump then distributes heating or cooling to those who need it most.

Dual Split Vane technology – Up, down or sideways, airflow can now be customised to move in two directions at one time. Occupants sitting at opposite ends of the room can obtain the same level of comfort as quickly as each other. The Dual Split Vane innovation also works to distributes airflow more evenly.

Natural Airflow – Sometimes air conditioners can feel like a blustering wind sweeping through the house. The models of the Deluxe FH Series have a unique Natural Airflow feature mimicking that of a light, gentle breeze. The function knows how to recreate the airflow to be as natural as possible by modifying fan speed and direction.

Heat pump innovations mean more money in your pocket

Energy savings are one of the many favoured features of heat pumps. To make their usage as light as possible on the wallet, heat pump innovations have improved energy saving features even more.

Each series in Mistubishi Electric’s range of High Wall Mounted heat pumps has been awarded the Energy Star Mark. The Energy Star Mark recognises these heat pumps as the most energy efficient in New Zealand. This makes them a cost-effective heating and cooling option for homes of all sizes.

i-save mode – This function is available across all Mitsubishi Electric High Wall heat pumps. The i-save mode allows you to save temperature and fan speed combinations when the room in unoccupied. This means your heat pump will use less energy to achieve the saved settings when the room becomes occupied again.

Econo cool – This setting maximises energy efficiency in cooling mode through a number of different settings. Econo cool creates a cool breeze effect by automatically increasing the room temperature by two degrees and setting the vanes to swing mode.

Occupancy/absence detection – This is a recent innovation in the Deluxe FH Series. The occupancy/absence detection is able to detect whether the room is occupied or not. When you leave the room, the heat pump will automatically switch to energy-saving mode until your return.


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With ongoing innovations, heat pumps have become the most cost-effective way to heat and cool your home or office.

Now with even more customisation features, everyone can achieve the level of comfort that’s perfect for them.

As the leading heat pump specialists in Auckland, we can install your Mitsubishi Electric heat pump and provide servicing and maintenance.

A heat pump is an investment you’ll never regret, so call us today and get the Heat and Cool team on the job!

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