A properly ventilated home is a healthier home for you and your whanau. A ventilation system fills your home with drier, fresher air (that is easier to heat) and will help to reduce moisture levels in your home.

A give-away clue for a home that needs ventilation is crying windows – or condensation. Proper ventilation will reduce this and reduce the liklihood of mould and mildew growing in your home.


The Lossnay home ventilation system ensures the air in your home stays fresher, cleaner and drier

Lossnay is the ultimate home ventilation system that provides fresh clean air from the outside, not the attic. It removes both moisture and stale indoor air and effectively recovers heat not only from the outgoing stale air, but also from damp areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. 

The Lossnay ventilation system features the new, advanced Diamond Heat Exchanger. With this, the heat that is recovered used to pre-heat the incoming fresh air so your heating system doesn’t need to work as hard. 

The incoming fresh air is filtered to give you an all round healthier home.

Lossnay Home Ventilation System - installed by Heat and Cool

The Lossnay Ventilation system is packed with benefits for your home

  • Pulls fresh air in from the outside, not from your attic
  • Removes stale air from inside your home
  • Circulates fresh air around your home withouth creating draughts
  • Manages heat recover from outgoing air
  • Whisper quiet operations
  • Blanaced pressure ventilation
  • Designed for modern homes 

How does the Lossnay system work?

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