You’ve just got through the winter months, and your heat pump did its job perfectly – keeping your home cozy and warm. Now it’s time to put it to work again cooling your home over the hot summer months. But, if you haven’t been looking after your unit – with maintenance and services – you may notice a dip in its performance and a rise in your power bill. Nobody wants that.

Just as you would look after your car, you really need to look after your air conditioning units. For the same reasons as your car, you may want to think twice before putting that maintenance to the bottom of your priority list.

If you’ve got a busy schedule and simply want to know what you need to do and when then continue reading.

What: Clear those weeds and debris

When: Spring and Autumn

It’s important to keep your outdoor unit as clear as possible of any weeds, leaves, and general debris. This will ensure your unit maintains optimal performance and should see you avoid any mechanical breakdowns (from the outside anyway).

Springtime, when the temperatures start to rise and weeds take the opportunity to shoot through, is a great time to get out there and do a clean-up before summer. And of course, towards the end of Autumn after all the leaves have fallen, would be the best time before Winter hits.

What: Clean your filters

When: Every 3 months

Your filters have two jobs – one is, of course, purifying the air you breathe in your home and workplace and the other, often less known, is protecting the components of your air conditioning unit. Keeping these filters clean is important to ensure your unit is achieving both jobs.
We recommend cleaning/changing your filters every 3 months and fortunately, it’s relatively straightforward. Simply remove the filters from the front of your unit, remove the dirt and dust and put back on.

What: Book your full heat pump service

When: Annually, at least

Like most things in life, you shouldn’t wait for there to be a problem to have something serviced. Having your unit serviced regularly (annually for homes, more regularly for larger commercial settings) has multiple benefits. It’ll ensure your machine stays in excellent condition, extend its life, and keeps everything working efficiently with no unexpected rises in your power bill.

We provide heat pump services, making your life easy, which include:

  • Full system test in all modes
    Clean all filters, coils, indoor and outdoor covers
    Test operation of indoor fan in all modes
    Check the condition of fan wheel, remove and clean if required
    Flush and test condense drain
    Remove any obstructions in and around the outdoor unit

As you can see, there really isn’t much involved with maintaining your air conditioning units and the benefits are well worth it. Don’t wait for your unit to be making funny noises or emitting strange smells. Get our team to take care of your unit and thank yourself on those 30-degree days when your air conditioning is keeping you cool and refreshed.

Contact us today on 09 827 4784 and we’ll schedule a time that works for you.