Make your home comfortable as the weather shifts to summer.

Changes in the weather at this time of year can lead to cold mornings in your house and hot afternoons as the sun gets going.

Keeping your house comfortable can feel like you are regularly changing how many layers you wear,  managing your blinds, heat pumps and airflow.

There are a few things you can do to help make your whanau more comfortable , your house healthier and get the most out of your home heat pump system. 

Give your heat pump a spring clean!

You might find in the spring, you are using your heat pump less than you would in the winter. Before it’s usage as an air conditioning unit in the summer starts, now is a great time to give your unit a bit of TLC. 

    • Clean or Replace the Filters in your Air pump: Dirty filters can hinder airflow and reduce your system’s efficiency. We recommend checking and cleaning your filters every couple of months. A good practise to get into is cleaning them as you enter a new season. 
    • Inspect the Outdoor Unit: Ensure that there’s at least 2 feet/60cm  of clearance around the outdoor heat pump unit. Take time to check it is clean and in good condition and remove any debris, weeds, leaves, or grass that may have collected around it over the winter.
    • Check your auto-run settings: You might find that about now is the time to reset the temperatures and timings on your automatic programmes. Adjusting this based on the current seasonaly needs can save your energy usage and help to keep your bills down.  

Let the Spring In!

    • Ventilate! Open your windows occasionally to let in fresh air, especially on cooler spring mornings or evenings. We’ve often spent all winter with our windows sealed shut and opening the windows to let the spring air in can give your home a fresh feel. 
    • If you are a hayfever or asthma sufferer, consider adding plasma quad connect to your existing heat pump system. This new accessory from Mitsubishi Electric acts like an electrical curtain, using advanced plasma technology to filter smells, dust, mold and common household allergens including pollen which can be more prevalent in the spring and summer. 

Give your windows and doors a once over

  • Your windows and doors will have done some hard work over the winter to help keep you warm. It is a good time of the year to give them a check over ensuring there is no air leakage around them and the seals. If you find gaps, consider adding weather-stripping or re-caulking to seal them.

  • This winter (and Summer!) just passed in Auckland, has been an especially damp and windy few seasons. Give your windows and doors a thorough check for mold and treat the area if you find any as soon as possible. Our heat pump systems feature a dry air setting which you can use to dehumidify your rooms,  but some areas of your home may benefit from an additional, dedicated dehumidifer to help with moisture management 
  • Ensure that your home’s insulation, especially in the attic, is adequate. Contrary to common beliefs, insulation is as much about keeping you cool as it is about keep you warm. Proper insulation ensures that the cool air stays inside during the warmer months, reducing the workload on your heat pump.

Book in Your Professional Heat Pump Service:

We recommend that your system has a full service at least once a year and it’s always a good time to make sure these are up to date as we head into the summer or winter, heavier usage months.

Our service package offers exceptional value and will ensure your whole system, indoor and outdoor unit, is working in tip-top condition.

You can find out more about our heat pump service here 



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