The latest report from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research predicts a hotter than average summer!

The NIWA issues a seasonal forecast for all of the regions in New Zealand and the latest forecast for the summer period is predicting a long hot summer, with higher than average temperatures. Rain levels are predicted to be at normal levels but air temperatures are very likely to be above average in all regions of New Zealand, with a high confidence level in the forecast for Auckland.

This is great if you enjoy long warm summer days, and a Christmas period with blue skies, but it’s time to start thinking about how you will keep your home cool on those sweltering days!

NIWA Long term forecast for summer 2020

What’s the best way to cool your home? 

When it comes to keeping your home cool, nothing will quite work as well as an air conditioning unit, or a heat pump. A heat pump enables you to quickly cool your home and keep your air healthy while offering discreet designs and energy efficient operation. 

Hypercore FH25 high wall small room

Quietly cool

Mitsubishi heat pumps are the quietest in NZ, operating with whisper quiet technology. That means whether you want a seamless system in your living room, or a way to get a good night’s sleep in your bedroom, a Mitsubishi heat pump will fit into your home easily and will operate so quietly you probably won’t notice it at all. 

Keeping your home’s temperature just right all summer long is easy with wifi control and fully programmable settings so you can keep everyone cool and happy.  

Ask Auckland’s Heat Pump Experts 

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At Heat and Cool, we offer no-obligation quotes to help you select the best possible heat pump system for your home. Every home is different, so it’s always wise to ask the experts for help in choosing the right heat pump to meet your needs!

Once you’ve selected the right heat pump, our professional team will get to work on your hassle-free heat pump installation, instantly upgrading your property to keep it cool

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Read the full report from NIWA here