Heat Pumps for Light Commercial spaces

The Mitsubishi-Electric Light Commercial range offers sophisticated heating and cooling for large offices and retail spaces. The Light Commercial series are high wall heat pumps and therefore take up no floor space at all. For commercial premises, optimising the floor area is essential and the Light Commercial heat pumps are an ideal choice that don’t clutter floor space. Comfortable temperatures in a retail space or office are beneficial to the occupants, be it customers or employees. Customers will not want to remain in your store if the air is too hot or too cold. Likewise, employees will become agitated if they are expected to work in uncomfortable conditions.

Light Commercial heat pumps are efficient and easy to use, making them the perfect system for shops and offices. With two capacities available, the Mitsubishi-Electric Light Commercial series can be fitted to your commercial space based on its size and configuration. Our team will assess your space before installation to ensure you’re given appropriate capacity. Contact us to find out more.


AS90 Light commercial heat pump 

As the most energy efficient form of heating, the Light Commercial heat pumps can both reduce your business’s carbon footprint and your heating costs. As we all try to do our bit for the environment, installing a heat pump is a great step in the right direction.

Heat pumps don’t actually create heat. Instead, the they move available heat from outside and pump it inside. Even on the coldest days, there is enough heat in the air for heat pumps to work to their peak performance.

During summer, heat pumps reverse this action, taking what warm air there is inside and pumping it outside. This is why a single unit can provide both heating and cooling modes and be utilised all year round.

As heat pumps only require electricity to run the compressor, their energy consumption is far lower that conventional heating systems. With a number of overheads to consider when running a commercial premise, reducing energy costs will decrease the total of your monthly outgoings 

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AS90 Large Capacity Light Commercial Heat Pump