Light Commercial PKA71 High Wall Heat Pump – Large Room System

The Light Commercial PKA71 high wall heat pump is elegant and compact in its design, allowing for more placement options. Understanding the importance of being as unobtrusive as possible, especially in a commercial setting, Mitsubishi-Electric have shaped the Light Commercial series to blend well with interior décor.

Our Light Commercial series are ideal heating and cooling solutions for offices and retail stores. The larger capacity and high airflow means heat can travel much further to manage temperatures in commercial spaces.

Being a high wall heat pump with whisper quiet fan speed, the Light Commercial PKA71 is a very discrete addition to an office or retail space.

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Specification:  Cooling capacity of 7.1kW/ Heating capacity of 8.0kW

A higher capacity with excellent energy efficient

As with all high wall heat pumps by Mitsubishi-Electric, energy efficiency is at the forefront of their technology. It’s no different for the Light Commercial series.

The Light Commercial PKA71 is the choice of heat pump for many open plan offices and retail stores in the country.

The choice to install this heat pump is not only to manage temperatures inside their space, but to obtain a heating and cooling device that is cost-effective to run. With all the overheads already in place for commercial spaces, choosing heat pumps from the Light Commercial series brings down the cost of heating and cooling – one less thing to worry about!

Light Commercial PKA71 High Wall Heat Pump

Light commercial PKA71 High Wall Heat Pump has automated heating

In a busy work day, the last thing anyone needs to be doing is trying to find the perfect temperature for everyone in the office.

Before heat pumps, tension was a common issue when decided who needed the heater most.

The convenience of heat pumps has done away with this distraction altogether.

The Light Commercial PKA71 has an automatic setting which switches between heating and cooling to maintain the desired temperature. This means everyone can get on with their day in comfort and no user intervention is required.

Mitsubishi-Electric Light Commercial heat pumps are your easiest and most efficient heating and cooling solution for your office or retail space.