Autumn has arrived!

Mitsubishi WiFi gives you the ability to control your homes temperature, wherever you are!

Technology is great. It gives us such control over almost everything in our lives now days, even controlling the temperature in our homes from afar.

Auckland is notorious for it’s 4 seasons in one day, as we all know! And Autumn tends to accentuate this. Chilly mornings, warm hot afternoons, and cold nights can lead to a constant battle trying to keep you home at an ideal temperature. If your heat pump is working constantly, forever switching from heating to cooling -it won’t be operating efficiently and could actually be costing you. This can be a huge drain on your energy supply, and a lot of the time you won’t achieve that ideal temperature you were looking for!

This is where Mitsubishi WiFi Control comes in. This innovative technology means you can be in charge of your home’s heating from wherever you may be – at work, on your way home, or even in another country! Regardless of the weather outside, you can ensure total comfort inside your home.

Complete heat pump control at your fingertips

Using the Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Control, you can do much more than manage the temperature inside your home. You will have the ability to take complete control with just the touch of a few buttons. From changing fan speeds and airflow direction, to turning unit/s (yes, you can control multiple units within your home!) to setting operating rules.

Mitsubish wifi control for your heat pump - from heat and cool

  • Turn Heat Pumps On/Off
    Total control meaning you’ll never need to worry about forgetting to turn your unit of/off again.
  • Change Temperatures
    The App shows you the actual room temperatures allowing you to adjust your settings to suit the conditions
  • Change Modes
    Again, customise your settings to suit your needs, choosing from the five operating modes available.
  • Change Fan Speeds
    You can select which fan speed you would like or take the guesswork out and set to automatic.
  • Change Airflow Direction
    You’ll have the ability to choose which direction the air flows, being able to target specific areas in the room should you wish!
  • Develop Operating Rules
    Ensure superior comfort every day by programming your system. You can have your system automatically turn on/off at set times, change settings, or develop temperature rules.

You’ll never return to a cold or stuffy home again.

Expert Advice from Auckland’s leading Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installer

Heat and Cool are Auckland’s leading installer of Mitsubishi Heat Pumps. Our expert team can help you to review your current set up and heating needs. We can assess your current heat pump system and recommend upgrade options for your home, whether you have a system already or are looking for a new heat pump installation.

It’s the perfect time to start to get your home ready for cooler days so contact us today to see how we can help.