These hot summer nights can have us tossing and turning as we desperately try to get comfortable. And even when we finally drift off to sleep, we never quite reach the deep, restful sleep that we so deserve. If we could just find the perfect sleep temperature, we could wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

We know it’s easier said than done, especially when temperatures outside are soaring.

But finding the perfect sleep temperature has so many benefits to our bodies and minds that you’ll be glad you did it.

Most of us have fallen victim to a bad night’s sleep at some point in our lives. Stress, babies, too much caffeine – there are many factors that can stop us from arriving in the land of nod.

Don’t let temperature be one of them!

The optimal sleep temperature is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius. If your room’s temperature is within that range you’re all set to reap these five benefits of finding the perfect sleep temperature.

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Increased melatonin production

Research suggests that our bodies find it hard to build sufficient melatonin levels in a hot, stuffy room. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep and wake times. Think of it as your internal clock.

As we become more and more fed up with discomfort, we may release cortisol, a stress hormone which fights against the production of melatonin. Cooler temperatures are said to assist melatonin production. The better our melatonin levels, the better our sleeping cycles become. And the better our sleep cycles are, the better we feel day in and day out.

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A more efficient metabolism

You may think you’re functioning just fine on little sleep, but the truth is, adequate sleep is such an important part of being healthy.

Researchers have found that sleep and metabolism go hand in hand. Sleep-deprived individuals can experience an increase in appetite as well as difficulty managing blood sugar levels.

If you find you’re constantly hungry for high carbohydrate foods, it may pay to think about the quality of sleep you’re getting.

So don’t settle for sweating it out through hot nights.

Turn down the thermostat and reap the benefits from a more efficient metabolism.

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You’ll have more motivation

Fatigue can impact many areas of our lives.

When we’re in the thick of extreme tiredness we feel groggy and we lack focus. Without sleep we can expect our motivation levels to slip significantly.

We could probably all recall a time when we were so tired we just wanted to lay in bed. But with work and family life constantly demanding attention, it’s important to keep our motivation levels up.

All it takes to make sure productivity is at its peak is to get a good night’s sleep.

Keeping your room at an optimum sleep temperature encourages a deep sleep.

Just what you need to feel refreshed and ready to seize the day!


Better stress management

There is a strong link between stress and sleep. Unfortunately, if we don’t act on it, sleep affects stress and stress affects sleep, causing a vicious cycle that’s hard to break.

Sleep acts to battle emotional disorders.

Ever gone to sleep feeling upset only to wake feeling much better?

A good night’s sleep gives you a chance to reset and recover. It plays a huge role in how you feel both physically and emotionally.

Don’t let a manageable sleep temperature be the cause of your stress levels.

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Improvements in your memory

Through a process called consolidation, we actually strengthen memories and practice skills during sleep times. This means that when we learn something new, we learn it even better while we sleep.

Without the right amount of sleep, our minds can’t practice consolidation and our memories suffer as a result.

If you’re trying to learn something new, make sure your room is set to a perfect sleep temperature so you can enhance these new skills during a deep sleep.

sleep temperature

Install a heat pump for the perfect sleep temperature every night

There aren’t many things as frustrating as not being able to fall asleep, especially when you know there’s a relatively simple way to solve the problem.

If you’re sick of lying awake at night, give us a call and have a heat pump installed. Set to air conditioning mode, you can achieve the perfect sleep temperature at the push of a button.

A heat pump is the easiest and most efficient way to reach the perfect sleep temperature in any season.

Before you know it you’ll be catching all the Zs you need to be at your best.

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