Providing a positive work environment for your staff is important, not only for their health and safety, but for their happiness.

When you have happy staff, you can guarantee they will be more focused and more productive.

Staying warm plays a big part in creating this positive environment.

When your team is working to their optimum, they shouldn’t have to be constantly sipping on hot beverages or wearing fingerless gloves. They shouldn’t need to wear an uncomfortable amount of layers to prepare themselves for unpredictable temperatures.

It’s a simple fix:  create a positive work environment for your staff by having the best heat pump on the market and set a good temperature for the air that surrounds them.

Fortunately, it is that simple and heat pumps are the answer to creating a warm, comfortable and positive workplace.

Let your staff leave their beanies and puffer jackets at the door this winter and install a Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump.

You will soon see how the healthier conditions result in happy staff and soaring productivity.

positive work environment with happy staff

A clean-air environment means a healthy, positive work environment

A clean bill of health is something we all strive for, especially in the winter when our bodies have to work extra hard at keeping the germs at bay.

It’s not 100% clear as to why we are more susceptible to illnesses in the winter, but there are a few theories that make sense. One particular notion is that our body’s immunity decreases in the cold weather and we find it more difficult to fight off viruses and unfriendly bacteria.

Heating comes in all shapes and sizes these days, and if you choose the cleanest heating option it will ensure staff stays as healthy as possible, at a time when their bodies may be working their hardest to do so.

What’s the answer? A Mitsubishi Electric heat pump.

The filters on a heat pump stop nasty airborne illnesses in their tracks before distributing clean air around the room.

Filters are easy to clean and regular servicing on the heat pump will ensure it is working to its utmost efficiently as possible.

Warm air is not always associated with clean air, but with Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps, your staff can have the best of both worlds.

And with clean air comes less illness.

Think of all that productivity you would have in the workplace if you could decrease the hours lost in sick days.

Working when sick

Create inviting work spaces with the best heat pump

As naturally warm-blooded mammals, nobody looks forward to being cold all day.

Creating an inviting, attractive workspace begins with finding the right temperature. You could have all the fancy office furniture in the world, but if your staff are too cold, they won’t be happy.

With a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump, the right temperature is easy to maintain.

Even in open-plan offices, where everyone has a different idea of comfort, you can find the happy medium with a heat pump.

Your staff will actually look forward to entering their workplace if they know the temperature inside is inviting. And they will also appreciate the focus placed on ensuring they are comfortable, warm and happy.

Young woman in happy work environment

Comfortable staff are productive staff

Staff need to be comfortable in order to stay alert, focused and motivated.

We’re all human, and the human body is designed to work best in comfortable conditions. With this in mind, consider how your staff feel as they walk towards the office door.

Do they look forward to escaping the cold air outside?

Or are they reluctant to enter the building because the temperature barely changes at all?

It’s safe to say, no one enjoys walking into a cold room, especially if they are expected to stay there all day and be productive as well.

From a health and safety perspective, cold air can have a range of negative effects on the body and can make us restless, as we instinctively shuffle around trying to get warm. Our lungs also work harder to keep the cold out and if it all gets too much, it can result in respiratory issues, headaches or migraines.

Warm and cosy staff are more industrious staff. It really is as simple as that.

junges motiviertes team in einer besprechung

Get the temperature right this winter

The temperature and heating system in a workplace can have a significant impact on the health and happiness of your staff. This winter, create a clean, warm and positive work environment by installing a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump.

Not only are they a clean and easy way to find the optimum temperature, heat pumps are also an efficient and a cost-effective heating option for any workplace.

Whether your office is open-plan and you’re looking for one effective unit, or you’re after a multi-split system for a number of smaller offices, the Heat and Cool team have a product perfectly suited to your needs.

They will guarantee a seamless installation of your Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump and offer regular maintenance to ensure the system is clean and running at its optimum efficiency.

Call Heat and Cool today and make sure your workplace is somewhere your staff want to be this winter.


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