The reason we can provide you with excellent service that is rivalled only by the quality of the heat pumps we install, is because every customer inquiry we receive whether from our website, over the phone or in person is each treated individually with speed and accuracy. This is what we believe, makes us different here at Heat and Cool.

Time sensitive

For speed, accuracy and an individual approach to apply, all requests are forwarded on to our office team, where the rule “all queries must be answered within 2 days of initial contact” rigidly applies.

We find that this time-frame gives both our team ample time to source the right information for a specific situation and equally 2 days is the maximum we believe anyone should have to wait. Any hour or day beyond that, we simply do not consider good enough.

Efficient units, efficient processes

If applicable, or required, we can also within that 2 day period schedule a fixed time for a site visit where more specific queries, questions or issues can be resolved.

For example if you have a unique situation that perhaps includes a difficult site access, a request for multiple units, or are considering a ducted unit then a site visit would be ideal and really the only way to resolve some of your important questions.

We are strong believers in job sheets – this holds full customer details, like the nature of the request, date of visit and helps to keep all relevant information in one reference point. This proves helpful when we need to do things like confirm a site visit date.

Punctuality is key to what we do, the team at Heat and Cool run a very tight and efficient ship that when we say we will be there to do you job or provide you with a quote, you can quote on us being there.

mitsbishi canstar wi fi

Site visit – what to expect?

A site visit is all about listening to what the client needs or wants and matching these requirements with the appropriate product, price and installation process.

Mitsubishi electric is our heat pump supplier of choice and it makes sense, constantly ranked top in consumer feedback, combine that with cutting edge technology like wi-fi access and impeccable design, there isn’t anything a customer would need or want that is not met by Mitsubishi.

Heat pump location both for the indoor and outdoor units are hugely important. We take photos of where they will be sited, check the fuse board to ensure power supply is not an issue then move onto the next job. Before leaving the customer is advised to expect their quote before 10 am the following morning. This again is a strict deadline that we always aim to keep.


Pricing the job

Pulling the photos, dimensions and notes taken at the site visit helps us get this part right for the customer. Having all the detail here allows us to itemise the job right down to the tools required to complete the installation. Efficiency at its best.

And as promised the quote is emailed to the client before 10am, if there is no email address, we pick up and phone and give you a call as well as popping a copy in the snail mail.

From quote to confirmed job

When a quote moves from being a quote to an accepted job we process it through the system and arrange an install day, add this to the job sheet and pass onto the office to confirm with the customer.

On install day – the job sheet, with its notes and scheduled timings becomes invaluable – we take the job sheet, take the unit to install from our stock and the install crew is given a run down about the job, shown images of where and when and why, including information about the power supply.

Once the install is completed, the install crew clean up after themselves. Some may think this is a minor detail but to us it is super important – “leave the place as you find it, if not better.”


Customer Satisfaction is tops

The customer is given instructions and a demonstration on how to use their unit and how to use the remote controller. Sometimes an extra visit is required for a customer to feel that they fully understand the functioning of the unit, as well as being able to get full use of all the amazing features that come with Mitsubishi Electric heat pump units.

Worry not, Carl will do this at no extra charge. When we say we are only happy when the customer is, we mean it.

Each week we contact several customers who have all had heat pumps installed the week before and ask them how they are finding their new unit and also if they have any concerns about any aspect of our work.

Customer satisfaction is important to us, it’s simply not something we take lightly.

It is an area of our work that reflects directly on our authenticity. For that reason if there ever is an issue with our service, those issues are dealt with there and then before any payment is taken from the customer.

Carl Ross

If you would like to experience a heat pump installation process that is fully transparent as ours is here then give our team a call, Carl and the guys are more than happy to answer any questions or queries.

Now you know the process all you need do is pick up the phone, give us a call and we will take care of the rest. Here’s to toasty warmth this coming winter.

Oh and by the way… keep on eye on our Specials page for the latest updates.



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