Heat pumps not only provide heating and cooling to your home, they also have dehumidifying benefits and when in heating mode, the unit does not need to dehumidify as the warm air being circulated removes moisture in the room.

Quite simply, damp homes can be a major contributor to health problems for the whole family, and it also makes your home more difficult to heat. It is important to identify the causes of dampness within your home and correct it: is it insulated, ventilated and adequately heated, or could it be ground dampness, rainwater leaks or leaks in plumbing?

Heat pumps can eliminate condensation and dampness

condensation and dampness

If adequate heating is your major issue, then a heat pump could solve your problems. In Dry Mode, a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump operates by cooling the indoor unit to gather moisture, so when using this function in winter months, it is best to use Dry Mode once you have heated the room. The room will be kept with approximately 2°C of the initial room temperature, ensuring both a warm and dry home. And in terms of health and well-being, a dry home is equally important as a warm home.

We all need warmth so what temperature is best for your health?

heat pump control

The temperature of your homes affects your health. Room temperatures under 16 degrees Celsius are considered harmful for health and the World Health Organisation recommends a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius.

Adequate insulation goes a long way towards keeping a home warm and dry, however insulation only became compulsory in 1978 so many, if not all the homes built before this time are likely lacking in good, if any insulation.

What’s the best heating option?

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There are a number of factors which are major contributors to the right heating option for your home and include:


You need to think about the size of the area that you want to heat – is it large or a smaller room? Does it need a full season of heating or only a short period?


How cold does your part of the country get?

Time Restraints:

Do you want instant heat or can you organise wood deliveries, chopping and wait for a wood burner to heat up?

Thermostat controlled:

Appliances with a thermostat allow you to set the temperature you want and a timer so it allows you to keep the room at a healthy and comfortable range of 18 – 22 degrees.


This includes the cost of the appliance itself and the cost of running it. Some options are cheaper to install but cost more in running terms and some are the opposite of that. It always pays to check and fully research all options, paying particular attention to any possible hidden costs.

How heat pumps cover all bases and prove year after year to be the best option

Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted heat pump

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are an efficient form of heating although there are significant differences between appliances. It is important to get one that is a good fit for the size of the area you want to heat and if you live in one of the colder parts of the country, check for a unit that is capable of working effectively in temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.

Remember not all heatpumps are created equally.

For example Mitsubishi Electric have been awarded the Innovation Excellence Award 2014 for Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control. Combine this with Mitsubishi Electric rating Highly Commended by New Zealand consumers in the Heat Pump category of the Readers Digest Trusted Brands survey which is fast becoming a barometer that accurately reflects the thoughts of New Zealand consumers the country over. Attributes like quality, consistency and familiarity are what many New Zealand consumers demand. Year after year these continue to be key attributes of a trusted brand and therefore what guides purchasing decisions.

clean mountain air

An additional benefit of a heat pump is that it contains air filters that are able to clean the air as it is used, removing any potential allergens as well as deodorizing. This is important if you or your family have allergies or sensitivities or if your pets live indoors. The filtration system will remove even the smallest of allergens and either break them down or neutralize them, in order to create a healthy comfortable home.

In creating a healthy home, it is important to remember that heating goes hand in hand with ventilation and insulation. Using a heat pump is an excellent start to a healthier home and a step in the right direction to look after your family’s health and environment.

For help in choosing the right heat pump option for your home, give one of the team at Heat and Cool a call. They are trained and experienced in all aspects of heat pumps from installation to maintenance and can guide you through the journey to a healthier, damp free home this winter.

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