Summer has arrived!

And with that comes Christmas,  New Year celebrations and a lot of meeting up with whanau and friends. It also means hot days and long sticky nights. For a lot of us, this can make it harder to keep your home cool and comfortable.

It will come as no surprise that year year, NIWA’s long range forecast is predicting we will have higher than average temperatures this summer and so one task you shouldn’t put off is some maintenance for your heat pumps to ensure your air conditioning runs smoothly all summer long.

Niwa's long range foreacast predicts that NZ will have a hotter than average summer in 2022

Just like your car, your heat pumps need regular maintenance

Often, after the hard work of heating your home through the cooler winter months, just like any machine, your heat pump unit may need some TLC before the new season really hots up. It can be easy to forget about this, but these  steps will ensure that your heat pump continues to work at its best and most efficient.

We recommend that your heat pump units are serviced annually by a technician, but there are some maintenance tasks that you can do yourself.

1. Make sure your outdoor heat pump unit is clear from weeds and debris.

During the spring months, and with the very wet few weeks of the season transition we have had, weeds can spring up at an alarming rate.

It’s important that your outdoor unit is always kept free from weeds and debris and has a clear and clean operating area to maintain optimal performance

A mitsubishi Electric heat pump unit

This image shows an outdoor heat pump unit that is need of some attention. It is important to keep your outdoor unit clear from weeds and debris at all times .

2. Cleaning your filters 

Cleaning your heat pump’s filters will ensure that your indoor unit can operate at its best and do the important job of filtering and cleaning the air you breathe. Cleaning the filters is a straightforward task that does not require a technician, although our service includes this step.

Simple remove the filters from the front of the unit and remove the dirt and dust. 

3. Organise a full heat pump service

Just like your car needs a full service, we recommend that your heat pumps are fully serviced too.  This not only ensures your heat pump is in tip top condition, extending its life, but it also ensures it is running as efficiently as possible, keeping those power bills in check.

Our service package includes

  • Test operation of indoor fan in all modes
  • Thorough cleaning of all filters
  • Deodorise and disinfect both indoor and outdoor coil
  • Check operation of system in all modes and records temperatures
  • Check condition of fan wheel, remove and clean if required.
  • Flush and test condense drain
  • Clean indoor and outdoor cover
  • Remove any obstructions in and around outdoor unit

Our heat pump service package is $140 +gst for your first heat pump. Any additional unit is $35.

So whether you need a new air conditioning system for the summer, or help servicing your current system we can help! 

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps - AP range - installed by Heat and Cool, Auckland's heat pump experts

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