In the summer staying cool at night and ensuring you get a good night’s sleep can be a huge challenge. Ensuring a healthy home means keeping the temperatures at a safe and healthy level so your whole family can get a great night’s sleep and a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump is the perfect, whisper quiet solution!

Here in New Zealand, we’ve had a hot couple of summers over the last few years, with record beating highs. These record-breaking heat waves occurring all over the world in recent years, these are unlikely to be a one-off.

As the summer reaches it’s final month, the temperatures and the humidity can soar leading to some pretty muggy and uncomfortable conditions. Making sure you stay safe in the heat, even in your own home is crucial.


How can you protect your health in the heat?

The answer may surprise you – as long as you cover up, wear sunscreen, and drink plenty of water will do the job while you’re out and about on hot days, but it’s hot nights that are more likely to have lasting, detrimental effects on your quality of life.

Humans sleep best between 13ᵒC and 23ᵒC, so in homes without air conditioning from a heat pump, cooling your body temperature enough to get to sleep can be a serious struggle and leave you tired, low on energy and frazzled.

get a good night's sleep with a whisper quiet heat pump from heat and cool Auckland 

A whisper quiet heat pump is the secret to good sleep in the summer

Just one night of poor sleep can impede normal cognitive processes, slow reaction times, cloud decision-making, and worsen your mood, making you more likely to feel irritable and grumpy.

A single sleepless night is even enough to make the brain feel pain more intensely – meaning there’s never been a more critical time to make sure your home stays cool and comfortable with a quality heat pump. Installing a whisper-quiet heat pump’s from the Mitsubishi electric AP range in your bedroom is an excellent way to keep your home cool, and your sleep uninterrupted, no matter how warm summer nights get. An air conditioning system also comes with the bonus of keeping the air in your home clean and removing the need to leave open doors or windows that could let bugs into your home.

New Zealand’s quietest range of heat pumps! 

The EcoCore AP range of heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric set the new standard in super energy efficient cooling and the quietest operation.

They use the exclusive next generation EcoCore Technology, designed to use less power than ever before and starting at just 18dBA*, it’s NZ’s quietest range of heat pumps! Perfect for bedrooms.

When quiet operation matters the most the new AP range will keep you cool on the hottest summer nights while not disturbing your sleep. The AP range heat pumps have the additional benefit of Night Mode feature. This function keeps the outdoor operating noise low and disables any beeping sounds to keep you sleeping soundly.

Ask the Heat Pump Experts 

For a comfortable night’s sleep, contact us about NZ’s quietest range of heat pumps. Heat and Cool are Auckland’s leading Mitsubishi partner so you can be confident in our high standards and service. We have over 25 years of experience and are an Kiwi, family owned business known for excellence in our service. 

At Heat and Cool, we offer no-obligation quotes to help you select the best possible heat pump system for your home. Every home is different, so it’s always wise to ask the experts for help in choosing the right heat pump to meet your needs!

Once you’ve selected the right heat pump, our professional team will get to work on your hassle-free heat pump installation, instantly upgrading your property to make it warmer and more comfortable in winter for your tenants and compliant with the new law. 

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