From an environmental perspective, heat pumps are the way of the future. They are the only home heating systems where you don’t need to burn anything in order to generate heat, unlike a gas heater or wood burner, meaning there are no fumes escaping into our atmosphere. In fact, having been through filtering processes, the air the heat pump delivers is actually cleaner that the air it draws in.

Rather than creating heat, heat pumps transfer heat from one source to another in an upgraded form. This means they rely on renewable sources to run and are not eating away at some of our most valuable non-renewable resources.

The clever technology is seeing an increase in warm, dry New Zealand homes without compromising the stability of our environment.

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Home heating with an environmental conscience

The need to save our non-renewable resources is being felt across the globe and, as a result, we are becoming more environmentally conscious. As we are made aware of our impact on the environment, it makes sense that we would want to take steps to minimise that.

We tend to make changes to the most obvious aspects of our lives; limiting our use of plastics, recycling, and eliminating chemicals from our cleaning products. But we need to look at our lives from an even wider sense.

Looking at how we heat our home is a great place to start.

There was a time when we flicked on our trusty gas heater and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. We simply refilled the tank when needed and burned it away with very little thought about our environmental footprint.

But we’ve come a long way since then. We now know the effect of carbon emissions and that our efforts, either big or small, contribute to the global fight for environmental sustainability.

We could go all out and say it’ll be a winter free of heating sources – that’ll really make our mark. Well, roll out the sleeping bags and puffer jackets, we might be in for a cold one.

Or perhaps we could just find a happy medium.

Having a heat pump installed will mean there’s no need to ban heating devices from your home and you can see the winter out with a healthy home and a healthy conscience.

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Let’s compare options           

When discussing heat pumps, we often talk about their cost-saving benefits. In a nutshell, we know that they’re fast-working and energy efficient. While it’s interesting to compare heat pumps with other heating sources on the basis of their cost to run, it’s important that we take a moment to look at the difference in each source’s environmental impact.

Other sources such as gas heaters need to burn the non-renewable resource to create a hot flame; fan heaters consume hefty amounts of electricity while they blow hot air in one direction, and fireplaces send clouds of smoky soot into the air. Each of these sources creates a hot surface at which they are sending the heat through – not exactly safe!

The way in which heat pumps work makes them a far more sustainable option than their alternatives. They do not burn anything to provide heat so other than the small amount of electricity needed to operate, they do not produce additional carbon emissions.

It’s a priority for many of us to conserve our natural resources wherever possible. So why not jump at the chance to heat your home using renewable energy, rather than oil, gas or high electricity consumption.

There are pros and cons to every heating device, but the list of pros for heat pumps far outweigh the competition. And for the simple fact that heat pumps don’t rely on using up our non-renewable resources to work in the efficient and cost-effective way that they do, they take the cake.

sustainable home heating systems

Home heating systems make a sustainable heating choice this winter

Until now, you may have been looking into having a heat pump installed on the basis of how it benefits you. But perhaps taking a moment to think about how it will benefit the environment will help to solidify your decision.

Heat pumps are undoubtedly the most sustainable of ther home heating systems and one that can keep our environmentally conscious minds at ease.

If you’re weighing up your home heating systems options this winter and you want to know more about heat pumps, give the team at Heat and Cool a call. On top of their long list of benefits, heat pumps can also be set to air conditioning mode, so they have a use all year round.

So spread your sustainability wings even further this year and have a heat pump installed. Let’s save the planet one heat pump at a time.

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