It may well seem that summer hasn’t really arrived this year, but if the forecasters are right we are in for an extended and hot summer to rival last year’s scorcher. The humid air and high temperatures can make many of us uncomfortable and while we may all flock to our stunning coast line, or the shade of the bush to cool down for many the challenge of how to stay cool at home remains. We all love the summer, the blue skies and the long light days are the best time of the year for many of us, but it’s no fun when you are trying to keep cool. Your home should be your haven and so how to keep your home comfortable and you cool is worth a thought. Hot days and sticky nights are taken to a whole new level when temperatures are breaking records and, unfortunately, opening the windows and cranking the ceiling fan just won’t cool you down the way you need it to. There are a number of ways to keep cool this summer, but outside of eating ice cream it may come as no surprise that our top tip is to install an air conditioning unit.  

Air Conditioning will cool your house in an instant

It is true that when it comes to keeping your home cool, nothing will do the job like an air conditioning unit.  Air conditioning offers you a way to quickly cool your home, keep your air clean from allergens in the air and with a touch of a button you’ll have the cooling breeze to sit back and relax in.    

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps offer the very best in technology

  We only recommend Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units because we believe they offer the best quality, value and technology. Mitsubishi air conditioning units run with whisper quiet operation making sure they keep you cool but don’t disturb your home environment. They include a heap of features including  Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control allowing you to control your heat pump from wherever you are.    

A two in one unit

Our Mitsubishi Air Con units are also a heat pump and so you can be sure that you’ll get the most from your investment all year round. They will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Both settings are quiet, efficient and maintain the level of comfort you desire. Heat pumps are an increasingly popular heating and cooling choice. The ability to change the temperature so quickly in any sized area has made heat pumps a favoured option in New Zealand homes and workplaces. Now is the perfect time to give Heat and Cool a call and have a whisper quiet air conditioning installed. The summer may not seem to quite have heated up just yet but when it arrives you’ll be thankful you got your air con installed!