As the leaves start to turn and the air starts to cool across Auckland, the quest for cosy begins. With the shift in the seasons, the importance of setting your home up with a quiet, energy efficient heating solution becomes an undeniable focus. With Mitsubishi Electric, you can rise to the challenge. Their heat pumps, packed with technology, redefines comfort with their whisper-quiet range, keeping your air clean, your home warm and your energy usage low – all with the least amount of noise.

The Importance of Quiet Heat Pumps

In our homes, the quiet is more than just the absence of noise. It gives peace and comfort and helps you to relax in a calm and comfortable space. Excessive noise not only disrupts our daily living but also affect’s our well-being. Mitsubishi Electric recognise the importance of this and have developed their range to offer NZ’s quietest heat pumps. Their RapidHeat Floor Console and the AP Series High Wall Heat Pumps boast an indoor sound level starting from just 18dBA – a whisper quiet operation.

AP PLus Series: The Epitome of Quiet Efficiency

The AP Plus series is a testament to the Mitsubish Electric drive to innovate their range of heat pumps. With its next -generation EcoCore Technology, this series provides super energy efficiency and operates and a barely audible 18dBA. Such quietness ensures that your night’s remain undisturbed while keeping your room warm and cosy. This series not only excels in super-quiet operation but also boasts built-in Wi-Fi control allowing you to manage your home’s climate from anywhere, ensuring you never return to a cold home again.

Embrace the Autumn Chill with Mitsubshi Electric Heat Pumps

As the cool air starts to hit, your choice of heating solution becomes crucial. By choosing Mitsubishi Electric you are choosing a warm and healthy home, supported with an energy-efficient operation and whisper quiet running.

With Heat and Cool, you can transform your home into a warm sanctuary this autumn. Get in touch with our team of experts today and we can recommend the best Mitsubish Electric heat pump for your home.