Summertime brings all the things we Kiwis love – BBQs, friends & family, sun, sand, and the list goes on. On the one hand, the weather is beautiful and there’s so much fun to be had. But on the other hand, sometimes the heat can get a little too much. With the 2021-2022 summer being the 5th hottest on record with Auckland being the warmest, we could be some more warm weather over the coming months.

Keeping your home cool while also avoiding an increase in your power bill can be a bit of a juggling act at this time of year. However, with our tips and some small changes to the way you use your air conditioning unit, you’ll be able to keep your power bills in check as well as have a comfortable environment to relax in.

Reduce Power Bill - keep sunlight out

1. Keep the sunlight out


Just as you would close your curtains when the sun sets in winter to keep the warmth in, you should close your blinds, curtains, etc during the peak sunny period of the day to keep the sunlight out. This keeps the warmth of the sun’s rays out and is a way of keeping the room temperature cooler. This avoids your air con unit from having to work harder to achieve your optimal temperature and of course, means less power being consumed!


2. Set your thermostats and timers

Make sure you are utilising the thermostat and timer settings as they are a sure-fire way of keeping your power bill down during the peak months of summer.

If you have the temperature set too low compared to outside, your unit may be working much harder than it needs to, increasing your energy consumption. The recommended temperature to use throughout summer is 22-24 degrees, or around 8 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature.

By also using the timer settings, to have the unit working only when is necessary rather than all day long, you can further reduce how much energy you are using.

3. Make do without while sleeping

It can be tempting to switch on the air con on those really hot, sticky nights in late Jan-Feb but that equates to a lot of hours of energy consumption that could be avoided.

The air throughout the night is – the majority of the time – much cooler than during the day which you can take advantage of! Switch off your air-con and open some windows, ideally creating a breeze if you can by opening windows on opposite sides of the house.

4. Limit the use of heat-emitting appliances and gadgets

This is often overlooked but is such a simple trick that has a big influence on how much your power bill increases over the summer.

It may not seem like a lot, but the heat that enters your rooms and spaces from the likes of ovens, microwaves, laptops, lamps, and many other electronic gadgets is a lot. This of course increases the temperature inside and gets your unit working harder to keep the temperature down.

5. Keep your unit regularly maintained


As we often say, regular maintenance and services on your air conditioning units will keep them working efficiently for years to come. Clogged, dirty filters, broken or faulty parts, and general wear and tear can result in your unit working in overdrive and, you guessed it, higher energy consumption. It’s as easy as cleaning and replacing the filters of your indoor and outdoor units, and having an annual clean and service completed by one of our team members!

Reduce Your Power Bill - Keep Your Unit Maintained

Now is the perfect time to get your air-con unit sorted before the heat really hits us – give Heat and Cool a call today and get your service booked in – 09 827 4784.