As the months get colder, keeping your home warm and cozy becomes our number one priority. But with that comes the dreaded power bill and the increase in cost.

But, staying warm doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are lots of tips and tricks that may seem small but go a long way in reducing your household heating costs.

We’ve put together our top tips for reducing your power bill while maintaining a comfortable home. 

Put your curtains to work

Put your curtains to work

This is one of the simplest ways to reduce your heating costs that seems to get forgotten about. The sun is a fantastic source of free heat so open your curtains and let the sun naturally heat your home.

Once the sun disappears from a room, close those curtains. Windows are a major source of heat loss so closing your curtains when the sun goes down helps to trap the warm air from the day and prevents the extra chill in the house from the glass.

Check for leaks and drafts

It’s common sense that when it is cold you keep doors and windows closed but what about drafts that could be letting all that heat escape?

Take the time to look around your home for drafts – it could be a door that leads to open spaces such as the garage or a window leak that you’d barely know is there, until you feel it! Finding and minimising these drafts will make a big difference to the amount of heat you lose.

There are several ways to fix or minimise drafts, but draft stoppers for both doors and windows are a simple and cost-effective way to increase how warm your home is.

Go old school!

Before you switch those electric heaters on, take a look at what you’re wearing. If you’re in shorts and a t-shirt then chances are an extra layer will be all you need to get warm. Pull out the blankets and hot water bottles– not only will you feel all nice and cozy but, depending on how cold it is outside, they’ll likely decrease the amount of time you need that electric heater on.

Utilise the programming and innovation your heat pump offers

 One of the many features of a heat pump is its energy-saving capabilities. By using the programming settings, you can make sure your home is always at the right temperature while also keeping your power bill down.

Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced infrared technology lets you programme your heat pump up to four times within a 24-hour period, for up to seven days. This gives you the ability to programme your heat pump around the clock, having different settings throughout the day. For example, you can have more heat first thing in the morning and less in the afternoons or evenings, whatever you and your family require.


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By using the programming setting you can regulate your energy usage, rather than switching the temperature from hot to cold or the fans force up and down constantly throughout the day.

Heat Pump Maintenance

We can’t stress the importance of getting regular maintenance services on your heat pump unit/s enough. You do it for your car, so why not your heat pump!

Cleaning the filters regularly is great and should most definitely be done, but a full service is more in depth and you should do these at least once per year. Right before winter is a great time so you can ensure optimum performance through those cooler months.

Maintenance services inspect both the indoor and outdoor units, looking for anything that could cause your units to run inefficiently – and in turn, cause a spike in your heating costs.
Take advantage of our Heat and Cool maintenance service special to tick this one off your list and keep your costs down.


Although some of these steps may seen small, over time these can make a big difference to both the temperature in your home and your power bill.

If you’d like more information on installing a heat pump in your home, call us today for a free quote.