Let’s help to keep your whanau warm and your bills lower this winter.

There is no escaping the increased costs of running your home this winter. As the cold snaps hit, it can be a worry for what that might mean for your energy bills. There are some things you can do in your home to keep your energy usage lower, plus energy saving technology to think about if you are looking for a new heat pump for your home, enabling you to keep your home warm without burning through your budget.

Harnessing the Power of Energy Efficient Heat Pump Technology

Upgrading your heat pump system to models with newer technology can bring huge benefits for your power bill.

When selecting a new heat pump for your home, it’s important to consider the energy efficiency of the heat pump.  A cheaper model might cost more in power to run it and so thinking about the total cost of your heat pump and running costs is key.

We recommend Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps because we believe in their quality and we know that the technology they pack into their heat pump range offers the best solution for your home.

Their EcoCore Heat Pump technology redefines energy-efficient heating. Not only is it designed to consume less power, with it starting at just 18dBA*, it’s New Zealand’s quietest heating option. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms!

Tip: Whichever heat pump brand you have, ensuring it is well positioned can make all the difference to how efficient it is at heating your home. At Heat and Cool, our team of experts will help you to plan not only the right heat pump for your home, but also the best place for it to be installed. This will ensure the best air, and heat flow to maximise efficiency 

Choosing the right Heat Pump for your Home can keep your bills down

If you are replacing your existing heat pump, selecting the right model for your home can make a huge difference to your power bills.

We’ve talked about the energy efficient technology, but what about the heat pump’s capacity?

Making sure you have the right ‘size’ heat pump for your room is essential. By this, we aren’t talking about the physical size of the heatpump, but the size of its output.

If your heat pump has a capacity that is too small for your room, you will need to have it on for longer, at higher temperatures to heat the space in your home. This is a quick way to run up unnecessary bills.

At Heat and Cool we provide expert advice for heat pumps  in Auckland. We’ll help you to identify the right heat pump solution for your home with our no-obligation quote.

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps by Heat and Cool Auckland - Help choosing the right heat pump for you

Regular Maintenance Is The Key to Continued Savings

We all know that to keep your car running at its best, a regular service is needed and it’s the same for your heat pump. 

To keep your heat pump running efficiently, a regular service ensures everything is working as it should, making the most of the energy efficiency features. If you’re system is poorly maintained, it will need to work harder and that uses more electricity than it should.

Keeping on top of regular maintenance can make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your heat pump.

Tip: Our servicing package at just $150+gst is amazing value and a real investment in the efficiency of your heat pump. If you have more than one heat pump to service, each additional unit is just $40+gst.

Our Top  Tips for Winter Energy Savings

1. Utilise timers and temperature settings on your heat pump: Generally speaking, it is better to have your heat pump running to maintain a constant temperature, rather than swinging from cold to hot. Use the timing and temperature settings on your heat pump to set up your heating needs based on your own routine.

2. Seal those Draughts: Proper insulation keeps the warmth in. Make sure there aren’t any obvious gaps around your windows and doors and seal them if there are.

3. Dehumidify: Our homes can be prone to having a lot of moisture in the air and this can zap energy when it comes to your heating as it takes more energy to heat humid air. If humidity in your home is a problem, it might be time to think about a ventilation system or even smaller, portable dehumidifyers.

4. Embrace the Sun’s Heat: Let sunlight in during the day; Even in the winter, the Auckland sunshine can warm our homes up quickly during the day. Embrace the warmth and close curtains at night to retain as much of the daytime heat as possible.

5. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances: When you are upgrading your heat pump system, make sure to look for energy efficient features, like Mitsubishi’s EcoCore technology.

Ask the Professionals

At Heat and Cool we are Auckland’s experts on heat pumps systems, so you can be confident that we’ll help you to find the right heat pump solution for your home, and the best energy saving options for your power bills. 

Every home is different, so it’s always wise to ask the experts for help in choosing the right heat pump to meet your needs! 

At Heat and Cool, we offer no-obligation quotes to  help you select the best possible heat pump system for your home. 

So why wait? Get in touch with our team of experts today!