What is air conditioning?

What is air conditioning and how can you use heat pump for cooling?

Air conditioning is a system that controls the humidity and temperature of your home or building. A Mitsubishi Electric heat pump set on air conditioning mode for the summer months provides your family with the cool comfort you desire, helps you to operate during the hot and humid months with ease and ensures your whole family gets a good nights sleep – makes for a happy family.

Air conditioning is a system for controlling the humidity and temperature in a building.

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when it is hot and stuffy inside your home, you become irritable and tension levels increase? A Mitsubishi Electric heat pump set on air conditioning mode will give you the cool comfort you desire and put a smile back on everyone’s face. A Mitsubishi Electric heat pump for bedrooms set on air conditioning mode will ensure you sleep comfortably during the hot and humid summer nights.

New Zealand is primarily a heating market; however, during the summer months when we are all looking for that fresh crisp air to keep our house and work premises cool we actually turn to our heatpump.

The same principles that apply to heating your house in winter are reversed for the summer and air conditioning is provided by extracting air from outside and running this over the condenser coils, cooling the air and pumping this through the indoor unit to cool the inside air.  So when you make that investment in your heat pump to keep you warm and cosy in the winter, you are also getting the added benefit of air conditioning in the summer.

What are some of the benefits of air conditioning?

Clean Crisp Comfortable Air

Air conditioning provides cool, clean, crisp air on the hottest of summer days.  When you return home from work or a day at the beach you get the benefit of stepping into a cool house making it more comfortable and relaxing to wind down for the day.  Choose the perfect indoor temperature for you to maintain your energy over summer.

No More Fatigue

We have all experienced the feeling of fatigue and tiredness during the hot weather as your body works harder to combat high temperatures to keep you cool.  This causes irritability and can lead to uncomfortable sleeping patterns.  With an air conditioned house your family will sleep easy and wake up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep.  When the body is exposed to high temperatures it becomes stressed and can reduce the immune system’s ability to fight off harmful viruses, bacteria and germs.

Stale Odours Gone!

Cooking odours tend to linger when the air is not being moved around and stale air releases toxins that stagnate.  Air conditioning does a brilliant job of removing odours and cooking smells from your home leaving you with quality air and making your home fresh and odourless.

Safety and Security

It is not always a good idea to keep windows and doors open at night to take advantage of the cool air.  With air conditioning in your home there’s no need to leave doors and windows open to stay cool during the night.  If you family home is located on more than one level you can feel confident your family sleeping at ground level are safe and secure.  You can also cut down on any external noise and those pesky insects (like mosquitos) that are so prevalent at night and can bite and keep you awake.

Sleep Easy

We’ve all been through restless hot nights when sleep doesn’t come.  We find ourselves tossing and turning in a hot sweat throughout the night with only snatches of sleep.  When morning comes all we want to do is go to sleep.  Most of us need a good eight hours every night to rest and rejuvenate our bodies so we can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next day.  Sleep deprivation can cause lethargy, lack of focus and concentration and in some cases can lead to depression.   Our immune systems are unable to operate without regular sleep and we can become seriously affected.  With an air conditioning system in place you experience good sleeping patterns, the humidity is reduced and you sleep easy in your desired temperature.


Your body can experience undue stress when exposed to very warm temperatures and stress inhibits your body’s immune system to protect you as it fails to fight off harmful viruses and germs.  When you have a good air conditioning system in place and operating at optimum efficiency, you have a better chance of keeping the air clear of dust and other irritants that could be harmful to your family’s health.  Air conditioning units filter the air making it cleaner and much easier to breathe, reducing stress levels and improving your health, particularly if you have respiratory problems.

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Units

At Heat and Cool we stock and install a wide range of Mitsubishi Heat Pumps and Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units in the following models:  Highwall, ceiling or floor console, reverse cycle Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and Heat Pump units for residential and commercial applications. Our products are not limited to these models.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and will take the time to discuss and advise you as to what the best option is for your individual requirements.

We never compromise on quality and after care service.  Please have a look at our testimonial page to see what our satisfied customers are saying.

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