Optimal Advanced Air Filtration System


Transform your indoor air quality with Plasma Quad Connect today.
Take the first step towards a healthier home environment and ensure cleaner, fresher air year-round.

Introducing the Plasma Quad Connect Air Filtration System


Are you aware of the hidden air pollutants inside your home?

We spend up to 80% of our time inside and so making sure your family has the best quality indoor air can make a huge difference to our health and well-being. 

With our new Plasma Quad Connect Filtration system you can have peace of mind that you are breathing cleaner, healthier air all year round. 

Plasma Quad connect

The Plasma Quad Connect is a new optional accessory for our high wall heat pump range. It features a high-performance two-stage plasma technology which works to clean away smells, dust, mould and other common household allergens. 

How Polluted is your home?

You might be surprised to learn how contaminated indoor air can be. You might not be able to see it, but it is there. Every time you open your windows and doors, external pollutants such as pollen, dust and other allergens enter. But did you know that oil and fat particles from cooking also release microscopic particles into the air too?

Dust and pet dander (dead skin), mould build up and mildew spores triggered by dampness can further increase the contaminants in your air.


Plasma Quad Connect

Cleaner, Healthier Air with Plasma Quad Connect 

The Plasma Quad Connect is designed to work like an electricalcurtain, using an advanced two-stage process which first makes plasma that breaks down air pollutants and then creates an electrical discharge that neutralises even microscopic particles in the air.

In fact, it can even capture particles as small as PM2.5, that’s 20 times smaller than the width of a human hair! Unseen to the human eye, these microscopic particles can easily penetrate deep into our lungs and even our bloodstream.

The result? A more healthy and cleaner living environment that can be enjoyed year-round.


Available on New Installs and as an Optional Retrofit

Designed to be installed directly above high wall units, the Plasma Quad Connect is an optional Advanced Air Filtration System, compatible with the following Mitsubishi Electric High Wall Systems:
• Standard GS Series
• EcoCore AP Series – AP Mini, AP Classic and AP Plus
• EcoCore Designer EF Series
• Large Capacity AS90
• Large Capacity PKA-M
• GE Series

Highly Effective Filtration


PM2.5 Particles 99% neutralised in 300 minutes

25m³ test space.
Life Science Research Laboratory, No. LSRL-21010E-E091


Cat fur and pollen 98% neutralised

Mid Airflow Setting (1.0m/s) ITEA Report No. T1606028


99% neutralised in 175 minutes

25m³ test space.
Test No. vrc.center, SMC No.R2-003


99% neutralised in 335 minutes

30m³ test space.
CHEARI (Beijing) Certification & Testing Co., Ltd. WK-21-50161


99.7% neutralised

Mid Airflow Setting (1.0m/s). ITEA Report No. T1606028


99% neutralised in 160 minutes

25m³ test space.
Life Science Research Laboratory, No. LSRL-51021E-E091

Available on New Installs and as an Optional Retrofit

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