How will a heat pump benefit my family’s health?

New Zealand homes are notoriously damp and cold, both of which are the perfect ingredients for unhealthy living. The world health organisation recommends a minimum inside temperature of 18 degrees celsius, and even higher for households with young children or elderly. Heat pumps can help you achieve this temperature while still being affordable. Not only do they heat your home to a healthy temperature, but they also offer a range of other features that create healthier air and a drier home.

How can a heat pump benefit your family’s health?

Keeping your house at a steady warm temperature is integral to keeping the family healthy. By installing a heat pump, it will be incredibly easy to keep your home at a warm and healthy temperature.

It’s all about getting the temperature right for quality air

When temperatures drop below 15 -16 degrees celsius you are inviting in the damp cold along with all the unhealthy associations such as mould, moisture, damp and mildew. Hardly ideal conditions, especially for those with respiratory illnesses or allergies as well as the young and old.

It is not only the temperature that is important for health, but also the quality of the air within your home.

Some heating systems such as unflued gas heaters create excess moisture in the air and this leads to the thing we all detest – condensation. These systems can also use up the oxygen within your home and replace it with carbon dioxide. This is why the type of heating you choose is incredibly important for you and your family’s health.

Heat pumps on the other hand are of a benefit to the air quality within your home.

Most contain air filters that are able to clean the air as it goes through, removing any potential allergens as well as deodorizing it. This is important if you have individuals in your household with allergies or sensitivities and if your pets are indoors. The filtration system will remove even the smallest of allergens and either break them down or neutralize them, in order to create a healthy comfortable home.

Another feature of many heatpumps is that they can also act as dehumidifiers (in certain modes).  If you have problems with dampness in your home this can help you combat the resulting condensation and enjoy a much drier, warmer home.

In creating a healthy home, it is important to remember that heating goes hand in hand with ventilation and insulation. Using a heat pump is an excellent start to a healthier home, but without insulation it will be difficult to get the maximum benefit.