Light Commercial PKA100 High Wall Heat Pump – Large Room System

The Light Commercial PKA100 high wall heat pump boasts the largest capacity in Mitsubishi-Electric’s commercial range. Particularly designed to suit large commercial spaces, the PKA100 is the choice of heat pump for many open plan offices and retail spaces.

The key to great heating and cooling in a commercial space is to install the right sized heat pump. The Mitsubishi-Electric Light Commercial series is a step above the standard high wall heat pump capacity, able to efficiently heat or cool large offices and retail spaces.

The PKA100 has a number of advanced features within its compact design that provide unobtrusive and convenient heating. Its whisper quiet performance means it won’t disrupt you during your work day.

The even distribution of heat across your commercial space ensures a safe level of heating without the creation of hot spots.

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Specification:  Cooling capacity of 10.0kW/ Heating capacity of 11.2kW

Sustainable heating for commercial spaces

Businesses are becoming more intent on reducing their own carbon footprint. Knowing the effect commercial operations can have on the environment, finding a sustainable heating and cooling solution is responsible business practice.

Heat pumps work by moving heat from one area to another, so they do not actually create heat.

This means that heat pumps use what heat is already available without putting out more heat into the atmosphere.

The small amount of electrical energy is largely used to run the compressor.

Light commercial PKA100 high wall heat pump

Air filtration ensures staff health and well being

The heat pumps in Light Commercial series boast filtration and deodorising features that remove harmful pathogens from the air. If you’re an asthma or allergy sufferer, heat pumps can significantly improve your symptoms.

Having a Light Commercial heat pump installed in your office or retail space enhances the overall health of the building and its occupants.

A Mitsubishi-Electric Light Commercial heat pump has the ability to remove bacteria and viruses from the air and deliver clean air back into the room. This feature is particularly helpful during the winter when ills and chills can spread through the office. Breathing fresh, clean air minimises the spread of germs, thus also reduces staff sick days.